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It would be amazing to have a filter that would only show listings that have a piano available for the guests. I'm sure other fellow pianists who love to travel would agree!

Jeff And Catherine in
Palisade, CO
Level 2

We have a piano, but I never even thought of posting in my listing about it. Just didn't think it was an attraction as much as the place to stay, location, etc.

Ken34 in
Fort Myers, FL
Level 4

Bugger pianos!  I want to search on hosts who play mountain dulcimer, or who shoot Asian Traditional Archery, or any of a thousand obscure, esoteric criteria.  Come on people!  Do you only stay in hotels with a piano?  Or  only eat at restaurants which serve collard greens and pork belly?

Administrator in
San Francisco, CA
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Neil6 in
Brighton, United Kingdom
Level 1

After much searching I have tracked down a few properties with a Piano: paris, berlin, lisbon, amsterdam. took alot of searching. Happy to share and exchange with you 

Jenna30 in
Los Angeles, CA
Level 1

Neil - I am also looking for listings with pianos. Please do share your list if you have made one. Thank you!

Cosima4 in
Müllheim, Germany
Level 2

Hi, I am Cosima! Its great, what you are doing.... looking for places with a piano, 


please do share the list with the pianos with me! Thanks!

Cosima4 in
Müllheim, Germany
Level 2

Do you know some airbnb with piano in Amsterdam?? Cosima

Level 1

Yes how did you search for the piano ?

Hannah129 in
Barcelona, Spain
Level 1

Totally agree! Of course guests who don't play piano don't care. But pianists care A LOT!

Tara6 in
London, United Kingdom
Level 2

Totally agree!! They used to have a keywords feature that meant you could search using "piano " but they got rid of it. I've written to them a couple of times about it to no avail. For a pianist booking a place with a piano is pretty much essential. In the meantime I have piano wishlists from before that I could share 

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