Please put the calendar back on the listing page!

Please put the calendar back on the listing page!

Please put the calendar function back on listing pages.   As a host, I use the calendar to find out what other people are charging for specific dates, weekends etc.  Also, some of my guests use it to see when I'm open because they will be flexible to stay here.   Currently you can't get those details without selecting booking and specific days a very big hassle. 

When I travel I use the calendar all the time to figure out when and where I want to stay.   The date and availability filters don't work properly.  Recently I was looking for places in Budapest.   I put in my dates it showed one price all the way through until I went to book and they were dramatically different. In other cases not until I got to the booking page did it say the place wasn't available on the dates I had selected - very frustrating.    If I could have just looked at their calendar I could have easily seen availability and prices for the days I wanted.   


Thanks, Becky

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@Becky16 - It is on the listing page - you have  click on the "start date" to see it. 

As of 12/27 - So for instance, I can see that you have open availability from Jan 7 to the 18th and then nothing until Feb 7th.  

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Ok so now you have to click Book before seeing calendar - I get it - thanks.    I wonder if that detures people?   I know when I look for places I'm reluctant to hit book button when I'm still just shopping around out of fear I might inadvertantly book something I don't really want?    Oh well glad to know how to find it.  

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Not "book" - just click the words "check in" in the date area: 

check in date to see calendar.JPG


And it expands to this: 

check in expanded.JPG


and you use the top arrows to navigate to the month you want and the available dates are dark in color.  


This is a pretty common navigational type for website design and calendar function so I'm not sure how many people are being discouraged.  My guess is that most people know what dates they want to travel and start with that and are served up all the properties that are available during the desired time frame.  People who come directly to your landing page may be looking to see what's available and would need to navigate in this way.