Please stop forcing hosts to preapprove or decline when we receive emails instead of booking request

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It is very frustrating as a host that we have to preapprove or decline when someone simply emails us to ask a question. I think we should be rated on whether or not we respond in a timely manner, but if they are simply asking a question about the property, or if they can have a discount, or if there is a coffee maker in the space (all questions that have been posed to me) then I feel it is unjust to have to preapprove/decline on the spot. I worry that if I 'decline' too much my property will not show up in the listing search. Even as a guest when I decide to go somewhere, I often contact several hosts with questions and then feel bad that their space is being held for 24 hours if they pre-approve me when all I am trying to do is find out more about the space before sending a formal request. 



Rebecca181 in
Florence, OR
Level 10

I agree with this. Other booking sites I know of have 'Accept', 'Decline', 'Pre-Approve', or 'Reply'. It is the 'Reply' feature that I think you would like to see. Me too.

Emiel1 in
Leeuwarden, Netherlands
Level 10

@Melody22 ,

You are not obliged to decline or pre-approve an inquiry, simply sending a reply is enough (and it counts for your responsrate). if communication has finished, remove the inquiry from the dasboard.

Michele4 in
Munich, Germany
Level 9

Exactly, you are not forced to pre-approve or decline, you just can answer their questions, ignore the rest and wait for their decision.

And since pre-approving doesn't block the dates I always pre-approve

Melody22 in
Louisville, KY
Level 3

Ok thank you - I see it works that way now. I know that's  the way that it used to be but then briefly they started making you preapprove or decline. Now I see it's back to the way it was. Sorry for the irrelevant question! 

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