Put Reviews back in chronological order based on language, not country of origin of guest

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Please go  back to ordering review by language, not country of domicile of the guest. For those guests, for example, whose language preference is English, he or she should see all reviews written in that language in date order regardless of the guest's country of domicile. 

If my language selection is English, I should see all reviews written in that language in date order regardless of where the guest who wrote the review is domiciled. 

Please change it back to how it was!!!

Level 3



Level 3

Yet another change with no explanation or justification. Reviews in reverse chronological order is the best order. 

Level 1

Yes please!  My reviews are all over the place!  I am seeing one local's (geographical order) review --- which was such a misleading false review --- stays at the top of everyone elses positive reviews. Then strangely another local's review being placed right at the end (chronological order).

What's the logic then?

Level 2

Yes please!

Level 2

I would like all in chronological order, even those written in different languages. This represents the values espoused by Airbnb about. Bringing us all together as well as providing the most accurate and relevant info to guests. 

Level 9

Reviews should be in chronological order. Period. To add countries or language sorts defies any improvements the host may have made over time.

Level 3
Yes please. Reviews should be in cronológical order People can use translation botton if they need.
Level 2

Displaying reviews out of chronological order is bad for hosts because it is confuses browsers (therefore is not good for Airbnb) for six reasons:
1.) Reviews that mention winter activities such as cosy wood-buring stove and underfloor heating are now next to and between those that mention summer activities such as sitting outdoors having breakfast in sunshine.  This is peculiar.
2.)  It exhibits muddle to browsers, as they don't know Airbnb's explanation for the order of the reviews.
3.) This confusing order of displaying reviews does not demonstrate continuity of occupancy.  
4.) It can look as though some reviews are missing.  
5.) Neither hosts nor departed guests can look up reviews with ease.
6.)  As hosts have trouble fathoming the order of reviews, guests are likely to have even more difficultly making sense of the order, which is something to be avoided. 
Therefore chronological order is best.

Level 5

At least allow users to choose the sort order

Level 3

Chronological order FULL STOP.  Where has the translate option disappeared to?????????????????????  What if I built a swimming pool last month and my last Chinese guest praised it this month.  Oh no, he's dropped to the back of the reviews,  INSANE!  

Put it back as it was. NOW

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