Remove misleading hosting tip " can cancel penalty-free before or during a trip"

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Remove the tip that appears during the set up of a new listing's house rules that says "If you’re ever uncomfortable with a reservation, you can cancel penalty-free before or during a trip".  Airbnb has made it very clear there *will be penalties* for hosts cancelling reservations.  

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@Michelle-and-Keith0   I agree it is misleading because pertinent information is left out.  But, you can cancel penalty free three times (at least for Instant Book) IF you call Airbnb and have them do it,  that is my experience. The information about "must call"  is missing so many hosts get penalized.


Although the most disingenuous method Airbnb use is to send an e-mail asking if you want to cancel a guests reservation. Usually it is because a guest wants to cancel and they don't want to loose any money.  If you click 'yes' you are penalized and the dates on your calendar are blocked. Many a host has fallen into that trap. It's one to watch out for.


"Never Cancel" is the watch-word unless you call Airbnb and sort it out with them.