Require a proper profile of guests

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Guests should be required to have a profile. Maybe a 50 word obligation could work.
Andrea9 in
Amsterdam, NL
Level 10
Besides a text profile there should be a proper portrait photo in which the guest is recognizable. So many guests either have an animal, a group picture or a landscape which does not foster the trust&safety idea at all.
Andrea9 in
Amsterdam, NL
Level 10


Christine1 in
Glenbrook, AU
Level 10

I have been hosting for years, long before facial pictures were a requirement. I have always relied on a combination of the Airbnb ID verifications and my own pre - approval conversations and I am very direct in my requests for information. A picture or image of the guest never came into the equation for the first few years as they weren't available. They foster stereotyping and & make guests and hosts vulnerable to having their image  misappropriated online. 

Leslie41 in
Spring Branch, TX
Level 2

I completely agree with a written description about the guests!!!!  It is a common occurrence for our guests to be brand new to Airbnb.  I don't need a photograph but enjoy having one. 

Anne22 in
Montreal, Canada
Level 2

My four musts for an inquiry to be accepted :


- Picture

- Confirmed ID

- A text in the profile

-  A small message along with the inquiry (I do not use instabook)


I feel its basic to do those few things when asking to stay at someone's house. It's a nice way for me and my husband to filter guests. Maybe Airbnb shouldn't change this feature so we can still have this kind of filter :P 


But I do agree, before being able to make a request, guests should have a minimum in their profile. Maybe Airbnb could approve pictures and filter the group/landscape/blurry ones ?


Level 10

As long as they have uploaded a verified photo ID it makes no difference to me. Many guests do not want their information or photo plastered over the internet and I respect their right to privacy in this. I have had no problems with this approach.

John282 in
Portland, OR
Level 3
Here in Portland, I get a lot of guests who just signed up for Airbnb and have blank profiles. Within the short 24-hour period to respond, I have to request this information, explaining that I ask everyone to meet minimum profile standards. They they have to do it. Then I return to the profile to check. I usually end up thanking them and accepting the reservation request. It's a lot of extra work, and being on the timer makes it more stressful than it needs to be.
Jeff70 in
Los Angeles, CA
Level 2

I agree! It's very frustrating having to ask guests to tell me more about themselves.  I don't like to book to groups of college aged kids because they tend to be the worst guests.  I'd like to know their age and profession.  A blurry photo with sunglasses with a one sentence bio is not a proper profile. 

Administrator in
San Francisco, CA
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Pam70 in
Auburn, WA
Level 2

I just went through trying to get some information out of a prospective guest who only has a photo and the Airbnb requirements - no text profile. It is stressful and uncomfortable for me to have to ask questions about them and I would like Airbnb to encourage or require guests to tell about themselves before they are able to request.  

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