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Recently we had the case that a guest booked for 1 person, but two persons appeared for check-in. Not a big issue: the guest agreed that we send him a reservation change request.

BUT: It is not possible anymore to change the number of guest after the booking has started. You can change the dates and the price, but not the guest number.

I asked the support to do it for us – but even he confirmed that he has no possibility to change the guest number.

Please bring back the option to change the guest number after the booking has started! I can remember the good days, when it was still possible.

Fairmont Hot Springs, Canada
Level 1

This will be our 15th year of welcoming folks into our home. Rarely do we get a single! Most of the time it's couples. I would think the default should be 2 people.  If the number varies then the guest must make that adjustment when booking. 

Glasgow, United Kingdom
Level 2

Totally agree with you guys. People book for 1 person but end up coming 2 atleast .

to avail cheaper option as double bed will have a double duvet anyway.

Its annoying.

Charlotte, NC
Level 2

Airbnb: do you realize that one of the few things that continues to distinguish your properties from hotels is the number of guests?  The least you can do to support your Host community is to deliver an easy-to-use, intuitive, flexible way of managing the number of guests.  INCLUDING making the number of guests (human and furry) visible in the calendar view! 

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