Review maximum 10 stars instead of 5.

Status changed to: Not in Plan - Considering Alternative

To be a superhost you need 80% or more 5 star reviews. For several of us it's very hard to get to that 80%. This is because a lot of guests don't give that a 5 star review for reasons like: 


- Only if is 100% perfect, we will give a 5 star, and there are always little things to complain...

- Some people never give 5 stars, because it's overdone to do. 


This means we as hosts do our best and even ask people to give us a high review (not 4 but 5). I really don't like to ask.


Today after I reviewed one of my guests I got the NPS question of AirBnB again. Would you recommend AirBnB to your friends with a 10 points scale.


This made me think, why not use this 10 scale system for the reviews too? so people can give 9 stars if they are very happy but it wasn't 100% perfect. And then change the superhost status to average 8 or 8.5 stars of (still very hard to receive). 


Response from Airbnb


Thanks for sharing your feedback. Your points about the limitations of a 5-point rating scale are valid and we understand that there could be nuances between a 9/10 trip and a 4/5 trip that are not captured well with the current scale. We want to make sure that all hosts have a fair opportunity to achieve their goals on Airbnb, such as qualifying for Superhost status, and that we’re acknowledging the great work you’re putting into providing great guest experiences.


However, adjusting the rating system, while important, would have far-reaching impacts. Currently, our discussions around this issue have been ongoing and we’re not yet ready to commit to such an important change until we fully understand how it will affect hosts.


We’re taking your suggestion into consideration as we think through how to capture guest feedback in ways that are most useful to you. We appreciate your patience as we continue working to evolve our programs.


Mary-Ann0 in
Sun City, AZ
Level 10

Excellent!  I love it!


If they did this I bet there would be very few 10 stars given if any because, as you say, guests just don't like to give that "100% perfect" grade. But I bet there would be a lot of 8’s and 9’s given and that should satisfy hosts and Airbnb’s high standards much better.  


This would also take some pressure off of guests too.  It is hard to give a "perfect" grade for every little thing about a place when there is so much to consider.


And for hosts - it is nearly impossible to meet every guest's fantasy of what perfection is when there are so many different ways of looking at things.  I think it would take a lot of stress and pressure off of hosts - I know it would for me. 


The only thing now is if Airbnb doesn't insist on us getting 80% grade of 10 stars to qualify for the prize.

Andrea9 in
Amsterdam, NL
Level 10
Exactly, good idea, since guests often knowingly book something because their first choice 5-star idea of an accommodation is usually too expensive, so they rate what they have lower, even if it was exactly as described.
Liz-And-Steve0 in
Napier, New Zealand
Level 3

I agree - what a great idea.   I don't even rate 5 stars generally but now i also use airbnb i have changed as i understand now how it works from both sides.  

Mieke0 in
Amsterdam, NL
Level 3

Good idea but also our guests need to know that 5 stars is not the same as in the hotels. Most compare it to the ranking stars of a hotel and those are given by professionals and we hosts, are getting them from the guests who react emotional and in general not rational. So 10 stars gives it more true value@

John282 in
Portland, OR
Level 3
I don't offer a typical 5-star experience that one might expect in a hotel. I offer a clean room in a lovely historic house that most guests love. If they are not used to older homes, I get dinged. As we all know, a 4-star rating is great because a 3-star rating is Average. Yet, Airbnb seems to think that being a 4, above average, is not good enough.
Stephan2 in
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Level 10

@John282 @Mieke0 Exactly! People compare to hotel experiences. And I dont think a lot of have 5 star rooms or apartments ;-)

Ken34 in
Fort Myers, FL
Level 4

I've complained about the five star rating system since the very beginning.  Almost no one is the world is perfect.  On a 5 point scale I would never give 5 points.  But on a 10 point scale I would give an 8 or 9.

Bibi5 in
Freeport, Bahamas
Level 2

I agree.  I myself usually don't give a 5* rating unless EVERYTHING was perfect.  I would normally give a 4*.  That includes everything I rate, from shopping experience to customer service etc.

It's not fair to us host when we get some 4* and 5* yet can't get super host status.

 Most of the guests really like our accommodation and enjoy their stay but don't realise that if they don't leave five stars in all areas is not a good thing.

I think if Airbnb choose to leave the rating as it is then four stars should count towards super host status as well!

Jiw0 in
Chiang Mai, Thailand
Level 10

I agree. Also especially with the current number of 5 I don't like using 'stars' actually because people then associate it with a '4 star' or '5 star' hotel, and few AirBnB places match up to that level of 5 star hotel luxury.

Using a different symbol, like the AirBnB Belo logo, could reduce the parallel to hotel star ratings.


That said, 10 of anything takes up more space or makes the thing smaller to hit / tap.  So I may even prefer a total of 4 or 3 'stars'.  


As an aside, I have no problem with it being difficult to achieve 5 stars.. it's not like Superhost status makes all that much difference.  Especially as there are small psychological tricks you can pull to make 5 star ratings more likely. 

Marie152 in
Southampton, United Kingdom
Level 2

Great idea. Italians and Spanish say they never give 5 stars as there is always room for improvement, so frustrating as a superhost and trying to hold on to it!!

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