Reviews Are Being Allowed By Guests Who Cancelled

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For the second time in the last couple of months I've had a guest cancel but I'm still seeing that I can leave them a review and I'm assuming they can to. This guest was a difficult cancellation and held onto the keys during almost the entire time of their reservation before they cancelled. They should not be allowed to leave a review if they cancel, as per the previous system.

Gary in
Kaohsiung City, Taiwan
Level 2
I think the system has changed! I have guest that left a common for me after they canceled too! Guess Airbnb wants every one to know each other more:)
Alice & Jeff in
Durham, NC
Level 10

The review policy changed this past summer.  If a guest cancels the day of the reservation or after check in, they are allowed to review now.  This is to help identify properties and hosts that frequently have guest problems but no record of how many guests checked out early or were unable to check in.  This is to the negative of the guest too, since you, as a host, get to review the guest and their potentially "nit-picky" attitude if it should be apparent.  You can respond to reviews the same as before

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