Show Host review after 14 day period whenever guest doesn't review with no right of reply.

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I have had mostly very positive experiences however the two guests who have caused me the most grief both did not leave a review and so my review of them never made it to print... this is a problem that needs to be addressed I believe.


They avoid negative reviews by not leaving one themselves as neither is visible until both are written and submitted.


The host's review should be visible after the 14 day period if the guest hasn't left a review. 


I believe they should have no right of reply on the review if it has exceeded the 14 days.


This would assist future hosts in making an informed decision.

Don138 in
Lincoln, NE
Level 2

Great suggestion Leigh! I always thought that my review of them would still show up under their stay profile even if they did not leave one for me. I would like clarification from Airbnb addressing your concern and my confussion. Thanks


Douglas109 in
New York, NY
Level 8

I feel that sweeping these reviews under the rug is somewhat by design. Airbnb has no interest in removing bad guests from their platform.

Don138 in
Lincoln, NE
Level 2

I hope thats not the case Douglas :(  I sure would like to hear what Airbnb has to say about it however!

Till-and-Jutta0 in
Stuttgart, DE
Level 10

All reviews ARE visible after 14 days.

Level 2

Hi Till and Jutta,


Reading the article you posted, to me, it doesn’t say that a one way review will be visible. However I followed the link on that page to my reviews and this does seem to be the case.


Where my confusion has come from is the AirBnb emails I receive after a guest leaves that states “once both reviews have been writiten then they will be visible”


I wonder why airbnb would say that if it doesn’t really matter? 


In in any case thank you for your input! 




Andrew0 in
Berlin, DE
Level 10

Till & Jutta are correct. One-way reviews are visible at the end of 14 days. A public review is not supposed to be removed unless it violates the guidelines also listed in the article.

Sarah977 in
Sayulita, MX
Level 10

Reviews are published after both parties have written and submitted their reviews OR after 14 days, whichever comes first. I do believe this is stated on the website.

Level 2

Thanks Sarah, I have not seen a reference to reviews becoming available after 14 days irrespective of a review from the other party.


i have read the link provided by Till and Jutta earlier re reviews and it does not state that one party’s review will be posted. 


Whenever guests have checked out i have been prompted every time via via email to review my guests and reviews will only be visible once both parties have submitted.


i now understand that this is not true and that either party’s review is in fact visible after 14 days.


All is good, case closed and thank you for your input to those who have contributed.


Have a great day!! 


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