Show exactly how much more you need to reach Superhost (or lose it)


Show exactly how much more you need to reach Superhost (or lose it)

Currently the Superhost dashboard only shows you what is needed to become one and what you currently have. But this isn't very helpful. As you have more guests, it becomes harder to figure out what exactly you need to reach Superhost. 


How many more fast responses I need?

How many more 5 star reviews?



So instead of just telling us we're at 77% and we need 80%, tell us that we just need 2 more 5 star reviews, or that we need to respond to 6 more messages quickly. I'm sure most folks are probably doing these calculations anyway, so just build them in


This would also work in reverse. If we're at Superhost already and you tell me that I will lose my status if I do not respond promptly to the next request I get, I'm going to be sure to be much more prompt.


I understand that there might be some fear here of folks just doing the bare minimum but I don't think that would happen often. Instead, it should provide more motivation to become Super or stay that way

Level 10

I think that would be very complicated, as it depends on quantity. If you are at 77% 5 star, how many guests do you have? 2, 50, 200? You can't say that you need 12 more 5 star reviews, they are already saying you need 3% more reviews. However many that is in your case. I have a high volume of guests which makes a four star almost unoticable in the flow, and I need a LOT of five star to increase my average. But if I only had ten reviews, it would be more noticable. Does that make sense? You already have your answer. 3%.

Level 4

It's not complicated at all. Just some basic math and some assumptions. The assumption is that all your next reviews need to be 5 star reviews, otherwise recalculate.


The formula to figure this out is


(Current# + Needed#) / (Total# + Needed#) = Desired%


Just solve for Needed#


Needed# = (Current# + needed#) / Desired% - Total#

Level 10

A. Dont worry about superhost status...if your place is nice and not rodent infested, guest dont care.

B. You can gently let guests know that anything less than a 5star rating is a slam...they are neither renting a luxury hotel rom nor paying for one.  New Abnb people frequently dont realize this. Millenials are the worst.