Sleeping arrangements - Children

Sleeping arrangements - Children

Airbnb currently offers the option to add guests as children (2-12years).

i.e. If the max number of guests allowed is 2, a booking could be made up of 1 adult and 1 child or made up of 2 adults.

In some of my listed rooms I have 2 single beds and 1 child bed. I say child bed because it would be too short for most adults but not for children.


There are options to add toddler beds and other arbitrary types of beds like hammocks and water beds, however there is no option available for a child bed under sleeping arrangements. If there was this option, I would be able to accomodate 3 guests, of which one may only be a child.

This would be extremely beneficial as I could then charge a discount for children because they do not use an adult bed and it would also make my listing more family friendly .



Great idea! It would be really helpful to have this option

Yes! And there are two important parts to this post.


Ironically in view of Brian Chesky talking how AirBnB began with airbeds, there is no option for me to offer additional temporary beds especially for a family or mother and child who prefer an extra bed.


We have large double beds only, so the option to offer an airbed, single or double, would be great... and the option to offer at less or even for free....


So please add to "hammocks" the option for child bed, AND for airbed.



There is no option to add a second or third room to accommodate a larger family.

I can offer "private or shared room" but NOT get the option for "private, entire or shared house"

So if I have 4 bedrooms, kids left home, I can offer 3 large private rooms but cannot LIST 3 bedrooms under private room. Nor can I list it under "entire place" because we live here in one of the rooms.