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I am hoping that Airbnb can add a feature to the calendar setting in which the host can choose specific dates to have a minimum night stay.  The only thing I have found is the setting to make all weekends have a minimum stay, which doesn't fit what I'm looking for.  I am really looking for the ability to set a minimum stay (say 2 nights) on dates that I know there is a high demand in the area (holiday weekends, festival weekends, etc).  


It is prefereable to have the minimum stay automatic in the booking process so that a renter doesn't get disappointed after hitting the "book now" button, only to have the host reject the booking and say "sorry, we have a minimum 2 night stay that weekend."

Richard_Karen0 in
Rotorua, New Zealand
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It is possible:

On your calender

Availability Settings > Reservation Preference (top right)

Add another requirement (bottom right)

In the popup box select "specific dates" from the "During" drop down dates


Only problem is that you can't have two different settings on consecutive nights, as the "rules" works on days not nights, so for a Monday night you put in the dates for between Monday and Tuesday, But then the system won't allow Tuesday to be used again to make a different rule for Tuesday night. Spoke to help desk this week about all of this and they couldn't get there minds around the fact that we are dealing with nights and the programming rules are based on days :(

Sara-and-Wiley0 in
Rapid City, SD
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I would agree. I actually have a 5 night minimum, with prep days built in. This has left me with Memorial Day weekend wide open (4 days) because of that. I would be agreeable to just 4 days for that weekend but I see no way around it. 

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I have done this in the past where I was able to set a certain minimum nights and custom price during an event. However, as of today (6-22-17), I cannot find the feature to edit - I can no longer edit or customize a certain time period.  


Anyone having the same experience? Or is it in a new place?

Richard_Karen0 in
Rotorua, New Zealand
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Hi Brett

Pricing should still be done able to be changed on the calendar


For minimum nights go to

This now all hidden under "manage listing"

> "Availability" > "Trip Lenght" and you need to select edit to see any custom settings


I use this all the time and find the new location a giant step backwards in how the site operates, so hopefully someone will realise and do something about it.



Richard_Karen0 in
Rotorua, New Zealand
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Give this suggestion a thumbs up if you want to add weight to getting a change: https://community.withairbnb.com/t5/Host-Voice/Suggestions-on-the-new-layout/idc-p/431670#M8922

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Richard & Karen,




Also found it easily using the AirBnB App on my phone vs desktop!

Adam214 in
Mount Pleasant, SC
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I want to require guests to book the following 2 nights together: Aug 20 - 22.  In other words, they have to stay both Sunday the 20th AND Monday the 21st, not just one of those nights.


Here is how I have it set up now: During August 20, 2017 – August 22, 2017, guests stay for minimum 2 nights.  They can only check in on Sundays.


However, someone was just able to book Saturday the 19th - Monday the 21st.  What am I doing wrong?  

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I'm having the same problem as Adam.

I set a minimum stay of 3 nights during 21/10/2017 to 24/10/2017, check in on Saturdays only. The guest should have to stay on 21st, 22nd, 23nd and check out on 24th if they book during these dates. 


However someone just booked 19/10/2017 to 23/10/2017.


Is this a bug? 

Richard_Karen0 in
Rotorua, New Zealand
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The Specific Dates setting doesn't stop guests booking earlier dates, Its just means that if they stay any of the nights from the 21st to and including the 24th, their booking needs to be at least 3 nights  


Setting a specific checkin date will only work if they checkin in that date range (won't work if they book from the 19th but will stop guests arriving on the 22/23rd.


The way to achieve what you wanted may have been to put a block on the 19th (may or may not work for you) and specify for your Specific Dates that guests must book in on the "fridays" (for the 20th)

Richard_Karen0 in
Rotorua, New Zealand
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I was speaking to Airbnb last week, The dates that we enter for "Specific Dates" relates to the "nights" of the dates we enter, so for your situation for guests to control guests arriving on the 20th and checking out on the 22nd, you should only load, 20th to 21st (checkout on the 22nd being the night of the 21st) - I told them that this isn't very clear.


You can now also load "Specific Dates for 1 night by entering the same date for the range ie: from the 20th to the 20th will give you a one night range. So you could set it up that if some one stays on a sunday night they have to stay 2 nights (this could still be Friday or Monday)


It looks like you could also block someone checking in on a apecific date (if you are going to be away) by making a "Specific Dates" range for 1 day, with a minimum stay of 1 day (eg a Sunday) and then specifing a checkin on another day of the week (eg Monday). Thus making it impossible to checkin on the Sunday,  but whatever has been set for previous days should still work eg checkin on the Saturday and out on the Monday. 


Hope this helps explain what I have learnt




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