Superhost - "Trips Reviewed" percentage shouldn't include cancelled bookings

Status changed to: New

My "trips reviewed" shows a 75% of a required 50% minimum. I've reviewed everyone who has stayed with me, so I think this is counting four separate last minute reservations that I cancelled for different reasons, lack of ID for third party guest, too many bad reviews, etc.


For two of these I am still receiving notifications to leave reviews by the deadline. I never hosted them so I rather not leave feedback, I have nothing positive to say, that's why I cancelled. Makes sense, no? Neither the guest or the host have sufficient information to leave a review that will benefit other hosts and guests of the airbnb community.  This metric should not be used to take away a status Airbnb wants hosts to aim to achieve.


If on the other hand, 75% is instead representing the percentage of guests who've left me reviews, then we'd be getting penalized for something even more arbitrary than my previous point. Either way Airbnb, please fix.


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