The customer service should not more than 6%

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The service fee for Custmer in Airbnb was 6%. Now it says ' In general, higher reservation subtotals have lower guest service fee percentages.(0 to 20%)' Clearly, this is not reasonable. Airbnb always encouge hosts to reduce the rental price to get more customer, but if I reduce the price, Airbnb rised the custmer service fee persetage. The reduced money goes to Airbnb but not the custmer, with the similar price, how could I get more customer? And it reduced hosts income. Also, short term rental like one day or two days give Airbnb more chance to charge the servies fee, but Airbnb wil do the same effort for each service, why you charge more?

Toronto, Canada
Level 2

I agree Julia.  Airbnb's percentage is very high, and airbnb is constantly putting pressure on us to reduce our fees, and improve the quality of our service and we're the ones paying the mortgage, the rent, all the upkeep, the time and energy hosting. 


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