The law of unexpected outcomes...

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Hi Folks


Even though I'm a Super Host with five-star ratings, I did very little business in August so I decided to drop my nightly price by 40% to see what traction I would get.


Two things stand out 


  1. I'm getting enquiries for long stays with questions of a nebulous nature e.g. "is your street quiet and safe?" or "is your Wi-Fi reliable"


I regard these sort of questions as "get out of jail free cards" (remember the game monopoly) but you said...


2.I've become a Tourist attraction, they want to visit before they book, presumably because they can't believe that value their getting!


What have I concluded from my price drop,

  1. Guest become more demanding.
  2. Guest have become suspicious about the quality of the offering.

So inconclusion, I'm putting my prices back up, less hassle all round.




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I agree 🙂

but you mistakenly posted this in Host voice section 

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