Turn off "Rolling Availability" as listing's default on calendar?

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I would love to use instant book (and have in the past). However, the "rolling availability" (not sure what else to call it) on the calendar has seriously made my life harder on several occasions. I can't block dates more than 3 months out or 6 months if that's the setting I pick. So, if instabook is on, I am CONSTANTLY having to check my calendar and block dates on the tail end of the reservation window (or suck-it-up if someone books way out and I've fallen behind in blocking dates).  

Has anyone else had this problem?
Is there a trick/way to stop AirBnB calendar from automatically listing my place is available as the default on a rolling basis? 

Oroville, CA
Level 3

I choose "dates unavailable by default", and I "roll" them on myself about a month out, after checking them with my personal calendar.

New York, NY
Level 10

Hmm. I haven't had this problem. If I manually block a period and the roll date comes it didn't re-open it for me. 

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