Virginia State and Local Taxes are now being acessed

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We have been informed by our County Revenue Commission we need to start paying and collecting Occupancy Tax. AirBnB need to open the options to allow us to charge this tax and then remit it back to us so we can pay the state and local tax. Anyone in VA in the same boat?

Cormac in
Kraków, Poland
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@Sandy & Jay


I don't live in the USA, but it might be worth checking out the way Airbnb calculate their fees and the occupany tax and whether your cleaning fee should be included in the tax computation?




The Explorer's Club Krakow III


Sarah in
Lynchburg, VA
Level 1

Sandy and Jay,


Also in Bedford County, VA. Have you found any answers to navigating these new tax rules? I am new to Airbnb and very overwhelmed!



Vince And Donna in
Daleville, VA
Level 1

I'm in Botetourt county Va. Our taxes are 4%. I just upped my price that amount. No need to have airbnb involved.  We had to get a business license and submit the tax once a month.  

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