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Hi. First, excuse my English is not very good. My idea has already been exposed in the Spanish-speaking forum. You can find it in this link, which has been widely accepted but we need more support to take this idea into account.


In the time I have been at AIRBNB, there have been many guests who do not reviews. Our reputation is based on the evaluations of them. When there is a bad evaluation the host always puts it, then my proposal is that when the guest does not make reviews (since there is no way to force it) then the host is evaluated of 5 stars  by omission of reviews. I think it's important because, in addition, each guest is work, and each job deserves an evaluation. If the guest does not bother to evaluate you, it is because everything seemed perfect to him, otherwise he will write when he is dissatisfied. Greetings.


Another proposal that was exposed was Guadalupe.

"Totally true. Another alternative would be that in the airbnb guest profile publish how many times you have stayed without leaving evaluation..."


What do you think?

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Hi @Barbara-D-0,

It would be nice to have atleast an automated review like "Guest didn't leave a review" with the 5 star rating. It will count as a review in your profile which always helps getting more views on your listing.

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@Jean286Hello, First I tell you that I am happy because you have expressed your opinion on the subject. The Spanish-speaking forum is concerned about this issue.

It is also an option. But I broaden the why it is important to mark an evaluation.

We need the reviews:

1- They are the basis to provide a better service. Not that I want to be 5 star always. If you give me a 4 star and tell me things that could be improved, you can be sure that within my possibilities I will give you a solution so that another client can leave satisfied.

2- They are the basis of our reputation. The client feels more confident or at least knows what he will find in the place.

3- Tomorrow you will be very much missing those rewies, because one day, I hope and never go through that bitter moment, you can get one of those uncomfortable guests to say it in some way, and you mone a terrible evaluation, if you have good evaluations your average will not be so affected, and the more good evaluations you have the less you will be affected, you know why, 1- because it reflects your credibility and 2- mathematically it is not the same 45 (9 ratings out of 5) +1 (1 evaluations of 1) /10=4.6 on average than 20 (4 evaluations of 5 because the other 5 did not evaluate you) +1 (1 evaluations of 1) / 7 = 3 of average. Then you know what will happen? your ad goes to the bottom of the lists and runs the risk of being temporarily removed or deactivated.

4- The reviews are the recognition of our work and that work directly in the psyche of the person.


You can not force the client to evaluate.


We need everyone to evaluate


Thank you again

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Hi. I also think the system could be improved. However, I always ask guests when they leave us if they were happy, if we could do anything to improve and if they have a moment would they please write a review. Some don't but most do. I had two reviews last year that I wasn't happy with despite the fact that I had done everything possible to make quite difficult guests happy - like going out and buying a lot of kitchen equipment that actually ended up costing more than I earnt from that particular guests' stay. Still got a not great review. Sadly, You can't please all people all the time, no matter how hard you try. It would be great if Air BnB had a slightly better review system for both hosts and guests.

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@Karen131, @Jean286 Hi. Remember give like if you are agree. Thank you for your opinions. Greetings

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Greetings -

Even though we do not get a lot of guest who don't bother leaving a review each one is frustrating since we work hard to make sure each experience is a positive one. It would also seem the non reviews are predominately new users who may not be committed to
airbnb as a community and more so just to save money.

It would be helpful to see a notification to the host that "This User has left _ reviews out of their last 3 stays" ... If for example the guest did not leave a review for their last host or only reviewed one out of the last three it would be good for future host to know when evaluating the value of hosting this guest at this time.

Grindelwald, Switzerland
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I totally agree with @Barbara-D-0 and @Jean286that there should be a way to honor us hosts when a guest does not leave a review. It looks bad if our % is dropping because of the lack of interest by the guest.  One can be sure that if the guest was not satisfied they certainly would voice their anger/dissatisfaction etc by leaving a review.

What I usually do the day before my guest is leaving I send them a thank you message for staying with me and wishing them a happy journey back to xxxxx. I then ask them to please leave me a review as I will do the same for them. I believe that a lot of guests do not realize how important it is for them to have good reviews on their profile.

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Thank you all for bringing this up. It is really frustrating that guests can not spare a moment to do a quick review. We put in aot of effort to make sure they get a sparkling clean room and then take the time to review the guest. Would be nice if your suggestions of automated response from Airbnb could be implimented. Same applies to hosts who won't take the time to do a review after we've made sure to leave a positive review and thank them for a lovely stay and leaving their space in mint condition.

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