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Mike & Helena Friday

We advertise a double or an additional single bed (intended for a child), for the same price.

We face a problem with guests wanting either a double - or single bed, and do not know which, especially if they are gay or lesbian etc. (we also get kite-surfing guys who do not really want to sleep together).

Where they want to sleep on one or seperate bed

Richard Thursday

I want to be able to enter a name of a guest and search for her conversation

Gerald Wednesday

I wish I could say that all of our reviews are being listened to but I really have not seen Airbnb comment on anyone's responses in this community of Host's.


I know they have a long list of complaints to resolve but this entire forum isn't being monitered even weekly lol



I would just like to see more activity from Airbnb showing their concern for

Sandy & Jay Wednesday


We have been informed by our County Revenue Commission we need to start paying and collecting Occupancy Tax. AirBnB need to open the options to allow us to charge this tax and then remit it back to us so we can pay the state and local tax. Anyone in VA in the same boat?

Polly Tuesday

Some of my guests went to several Airbnb right before coming to my place. They told me they were not satisfied of their previous Airbnb but they ended up not giving them reviews and gave me a 4 star. From their perspective, they think 4 star is good. But I feel that I should have given them a lower quality Airbnb such that they don't leave me a rev

Polly Tuesday

I had some guests gave me a 4 star in cleanliness because they found two hairs on the bathtub. But the whole apartment is super clean. I personally would not take one star off because of two hairs as I think one star means 20% off which is too heavy for two hairs found . But the guest thinks it differently. He thinks as long as it's not perfect he

Micah Monday

Feature Request: Change Fee


Hotels and airlines charge you a fee for altering your travel dates. This helps offset revenue lost from last-minute vacancies, as well as income lost to lower, closer-to-the-date pricing.


We ought to have an option to charge an alteration or change fee, either a fixed rate like $200 or a variable rate based on the avera

Rachel Monday

Airbnb has one of the most difficult search engines of any site I've used as a host and traveler.   You cannot search for a rental by name, and the filter criteria seem really limited.   I recently was trying to search for waterfront or lakefront property-- Since there is not a filter for such, I typed in "tennessee lakefront" or "tn waterfront" bo

Helga a week ago

From time to time, I have an uncommunicative guest, who had registered the landline as his airbnb contact info. That's quite annoying, as you cannot send an sms with the automatic feature on your phone, Contact / Call or SMS. You may call their empty home however. 

Instead, you have to hunt through a long thread of messages (this type of guest reque

Martin a week ago

For the second time in the last couple of months I've had a guest cancel but I'm still seeing that I can leave them a review and I'm assuming they can to. This guest was a difficult cancellation and held onto the keys during almost the entire time of their reservation before they cancelled. They should not be allowed to leave a review if they cance

Marcos Henrique 2 weeks ago

I suggest removal or action on hosts who have canceled all the last "n" reservations, or who do not respond on time, causing automatic cancellation.

I made a reservation for high season, generating expectation in the family, blocking credit card availability.

The next day, no response, I investigated the comments about the host and, to my surprise, A

Cormac 2 weeks ago

Hi Folks


A thought occurred to me that the reason we're on Airbnb is to get bookings, right!


At present Airbnb's only method for doing this seem to be to lower our prices to ridicules levels, right!


So, my proposal is that Airbnb put a flag like the one they expect Hosts to absorb, "10% discount".


To a flag stating,


"No Fees charged on this listin

Susan 2 weeks ago

Hello All.


I wanted to share some information I recently received from Airbnb about their increases in service fees. I decided to find out what the guest was actually paying for my accommodation as this is not immediately apparent on the Host platform. I went in to the Airbnb site with an incognito tab and discovered that Airbnb was adding on a 14

Lois & Darryl 2 weeks ago

I just went in and searched for my home via my small home town, and all three of the Airbnb houses in our tiny town were located several pages back, starting as the 41st property in the specific town name search!  All three Superhost houses - with plenty of reviews - were lost, including mine, behind dozens of homes that are located as much as 50 m

Dede 2 weeks ago

Even though we stay 92-96% booked every month, month after month, year after year, the silly "price tips" continue to chime in that we should drop our rates by some percentage (8%, 11%, etc) or by some dollar amount (which always seems randomly made up) because "131 people looked at your listing this week but booked elsewhere for $XX less. Consider

Silvia 3 weeks ago

I was really looking forward to having my listing professionally photographed by Airbnb, however, after seeing the results I was deeply disappointed with the outcome. 

I removed all of the professionally taken photographs from my listing as I think they present my listing in a bad light:  the listing looked sterile and uninviting. 

I had no control o

Royal 3 weeks ago

We would like guests to book on Sundays for peak weeks however, there is no option to select check in days to required day od the week. 


It would be really helpful as we cannot use Instant Book due to this being a problem - we do not want to get instant bookings that are always having to be cancelled due to check in day being unsuitable.



Poline 3 weeks ago

I just realized that the requirement of $100 mininum value of the first booking from the referred host to qualify for a $300 reward is obviously not realistic in the part of the world I live in where the average rate is $15 a night. I think there is one in a thousand chance that you get booked for a 7 nights straight to get the $100 minimum value.

Kittie & Chris 3 weeks ago

I was awakened at 4:30 AM PST with the ping we know and love. Unfortunately, it was not a booking. You chose this hour to tell me that November demand is great and I should unblock some dates to get more bookings. We usually get this notification 

via  email. While I appreciate your wanting me to have more bookings, waking me up at 4:30 in the morni

Michele 3 weeks ago

I like to experiment with my prices, and there are times when I'd like to hit a "Reset" button and put prices back to my base/weekend prices for a selected period. This could just be a button on the Available/Blocked window where one can already set prices for a selected period, a button labeled "Reset prices to base/weekend" or somesuch.

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