internet use guidelines

internet use guidelines

I just had a guest use the internet to access illegal content. They are from another country and seem to not be aware of US copyright laws. Because they downloaded illegal content using my internet - I have received notification from provider that this violation occured and that I could be in risk of losing access to my internet altogether.


It would be helpful to have a standard message of some kind for travelers entering the US - or additional recommendations made to hosts as to how they can combat this issue. No one wants to rent a place without internet and no one can operate in this world without it anymore (for example - there would be no access to airbnb). Guidelines here seem like an essential best practice.

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@KarenAnn0  - This is a configuration issue with your router and wireless internet that you can easily solve within your own business.  This really is not an Airbnb problem since internet access is an amenity that you provide in your home/Airbnb business.  Spend some time researching the options you have to disallow downloadable content (including executable files - you don't want anyone downloading a virus either) that's compatible with your system, or call an IT professional, or a parent who has already installed internet controls on their wifi to keep their kids from getting to porn and other sites.  You can even write this software or professional help against your business earnings if in the US.  


Here's a few articles for you to review:,2817,2346997,00.asp

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Thanks for the thoughtful response, I will definitely look into it. Much appreciated! 

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Parental controls may not be the solution. @Alice-and-Jeff0. I don’t believe it can distinguish if the movie was paid foror pirated. I’d hate to blind ck my paid streaming as well. 

The blacklists have some problems too, normal websites lamd on them all the time and terror apologies may pass, because they switch domains too and ften. 


For the full unit rentals, I have a term in the contract, that it is forbidden- to be able to pass on liability. Otherwise you can put it in the house rules, but a global message could not hurt. They won’t read it, but they would be responsible for the damage.