my listing is not searchable, but when I logged in or call Airbnb, then the listing is searchable.

my listing is not searchable, but when I logged in or call Airbnb, then the listing is searchable.

I sent emails with pictures about below issue, but always get return email said my emails cannot reach Airbnb.  I therefore find here a place to share. The below is what I wrote for the email. I still cannot sent emai with the same email address I successfully sent early today.


Please compare the below two snap shots, both with Instant Book on, SAME search criteria, same browser, time difference shows two minutes (1:48pm and 1:50pm), the one pic with my listing one is when I open another browser that I logged in my Airbnb account, the one pic without my listing is the time I did not logged in my Airbnb account. I never turn off my Instant Book what so ever. When I called Airbnb at a little late on 2:26pm, Ria found my Instant Book is off and turned it on for me. Clearly somebody within Airbnb manipulate my account without my knowing by turning off my Instant Book just between the time frame mentioned above (30 more minutes). It is in the tricky situation that a lot of time, my listing is not searchable, but when I logged in or call Airbnb, then the listing is searchable. There is something manipulating going on to my account. Airbnb is obligated to make my listing searchable at ALL TIME. Thanks.

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@Paul-and-Sherry0, I’m not sure, what you mean by searchable. 

But in case you wonder, why you see your listing insearch results, when you are logged in, but not on another browser,that happens. 

If youare logged in, the website recognizes you and brings up listings you already know, like your own. 

If you start on a fresh browser, without history nor cookies, you see, what guests may see, but not all guestsall the time. 

The algorithm takes into account information about the guests: what they enter into the filter, what they searched and booked before, what computer / phone / tablet they are on and others. Fi I get mostly iphone users, even though Android has a higher portion of the market. My space is cheap and iphones are expensive, therefore I believe it comes from my own use. But that’s speculation, no concrete information available. 😉

When you host for awhile, the reaction of your guests have influence on your ranking: if they are satisfied, if they are satisfied with airbnb after the experience you provided. 

Your response time in requests has a big influence: the faster in general, the higher your search rank. 

Your acceptance pattern has influence too. The less you refuse, the better placed you are, which leasds to IB getting you more bookings. 

If you are low now, keep looking up the listing on different browsers. Search it with filters on hprice, number of guests, available dates, options you offer if necessary) zoom in on the map, click it open, go through pictures. Post it on social media and ask friends to check it. That has another advantage: they will give you ideas for changes and correct spelling etc. When you do all that, it helps too, as editing the listing frequently and adding pictures brings search ranking points as well. 

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I looked up your place (every click helps). 

One remark: you should not answer to the private remarks of guests publicly and then not write such long statements. More decorum ! Reading about baby urine is not inviting. Your next guests should not feel that they will be scolded like misbehaving kids. (You still can, but in private messages)

you made it superhost in 12 reviews, which makes me think, the acceptance rate might be the reason for your listing not coming up on top. It’s a decision to make: a badge or more business, only nice and well behaved guests or more money with a few risky decisions. 


Thank you for caring about this community. A few words about your last comment about my writing about that guest. I think what you said was right in a sense, I should not have mentioned at all. I was not thinking about mentioning this at first, so I did not write any review for this guest. I was just strongly questioning about the truthfulness of her story by telling her story staying in my house. So I wrote about the urine thing. I did not know where the urine came from; I thought I wrote “I guess from baby’s” would be slightly polite. Anyway, this guest registered for only one person, but used all the many towels and all three beds that I prepared for next guest, since she was last minute booked guest, I did not think there would be a guest in between. She left the house with the cold air conditioning on, on the day that did not need cool air conditioning. Then after this guest, a couple of other guests wrote opposite opinions to the above mentioned guest about the parking condition in my neighborhood, which is positive for my listing. In your opinion, my listing will be up in searching results by positive reviews? I hope so but I have not seen this happened yet.