100% automatic self checking

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I just created a very simple fully automatized check-in system.


It basically detects a new reservation, generates a smart door code (which works only for the duration of the reservation), and sends a welcoming message with the code to the guest on the airbnb app.


Now I can sleep well and take all during-the-night reservations =D.


I'm a software engineer with 17+ years of experience and did this in my spare time =D.

I felt like sharing this. Because it might help a lot of hosts!


Is there anyone interested to join?

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Re: 100% automatic self checking

Austin, TX
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Hi @Demétrio1 


Sounds very cool.  I'm the developer of Host Tools so I have a lot of experience with this kind of thing as well.  What type of smart locks and/or smart hubs does it work with?  




Re: 100% automatic self checking

Islamabad, Pakistan
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Details plz

Airbnb Islamabad

Re: 100% automatic self checking

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I meet All guests, this seems so Risky.

@Jenny-and-Tom0I just hooked up a Lockly today. it does a ton of things im sure they have an APi... I prefer nest products though.

Re: 100% automatic self checking

Bozeman, MT
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I'm using the Lockly dead bolt entry. So far it's problematic.  2 things. Lockly generates a 8 digit access code (OAC).  people complain about the length. They must also enter the code twice at the door to activate the code. Wrong entry 3 times and they are locked out for 30 minutes.  2nd , and the real problem. Unless you have your guest in your phones' contact list you can not text them the instructions.   

Re: 100% automatic self checking

Keaau, HI
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Remember to inspect what you inspect and so make sure that you communicate with your guests and make sure all their needs are met.  It is not just about you creating something to make your job as host minimal, but to provide a wonderful experience for your guests.

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