A poem to remind guests that AirBNB is not a hotel

Guernsey, WY
Level 2

We normally send this to our guests on the day of their arrival. It is a poem we wrote for the enjoyment of our AirBNB guests. All our guests so far have really enjoyed it. Everything in this poem has actually happened at our home so we hope it brings a smile to your day.

We want to get a great review
And we hope the next will come from you!
But Airbnb can be a strange place,
With animals, homes, apartments and more,
You can even rent a space on the floor.

By choosing our listing you effectively say,
“I’ll enter into your world, at least for a day.”
A new world that is not your own,
But a world which we call home.

We are opening our space to share with you
But there are a few things you should do.
To start, reading the description and rules would be great!
And just let us know if you’ll be arriving early or leaving late.
Whatever you expect from your stay,
Our listing description should help you in that way.

We have a few rules like no smoking or beer,
So, to see those things in the trash or yard seems a bit weird.
If something is wrong or has been destroyed,
To tell us instead of hiding it would leave us overjoyed.

We’re not a hotel, we are a home.
So, if you keep it clean, we won’t need to moan.
We won’t need to deliberate on how many stars to give
If you respect the property in which we live.

If you think this is funny, we have only just begun,
We’ve had a few experiences under the sun.
We once had a guest who left a suggestion,
“Make space in your closet would be a good correction.”
I’m not sure how to respond,
That was our child’s clothes, the few they didn’t have on.

Someone else thought that there was no need to waste
An opportunity to use our toothpaste.
If using it wasn’t enough
Leaving it in a mess on the counter was a bit rough.

After leaving the restroom and shutting the door,
We don’t want to see your socks or underwear on the floor.
We live in this home with our children too,
So, leaving a pack of razors on the counter was not good to do.

And please let us make a small suggestion,
“Leaving the bathroom door open can give us direction.”
For instead of knocking while you need some privacy,
We’ll simply use the restroom in the basement you see.

We have a small dog who wants your attention
And will leave the yard without prevention.
If you open a gate, please make sure it is shut
We don’t want a fine for a runaway mutt.

Another guest let their children run free,
Should watching your child earn another fee?
Making new friends with which to play,
Was “Very fun!” our kids would say.
However, when time for lunch or dinner has come,
It may be time for your child to run.
Or when they destroy a plastic cover,
don’t try to hide it or blame it on your lover.

And if you’re not accustom to modern pluming,
We like to keep our trash cans clear and toilets running.
The toilet paper doesn’t go in the trash bin
It’s journey to never-land with a flush will begin.

We understand that things about your stay
May be unique in a special way.
If you need something or need direction
Please read the listing, then ask us a question?

While reading this, we hope you did laugh,
We are real people, not just housekeeping staff.
Many awesome guests we have had
And to see them leave was truly sad.

Some were clean, quiet, and kept to themselves,
Others would lend a hand as good as Santa’s elves.
Some traveled here from far away,
But their fond memories are here to stay.

We want you to know what to expect for your pay
And what we expect from your stay.
How you will be remembered is up to you.
So, think about what you would do if you were in our shoe.

We will do our best, so the place is just right
and we hope a five-star review is in sight.
All this is for you as you brave the unknown.
Thank you for choosing our little Airbnb home.

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Re: A poem to remind guests that AirBNB is not a hotel

Greensboro, NC
Level 6



That's so cool! Mind if I borrow it? I'll make a few changes to suit my situation of course and shorten it. 😉

Re: A poem to remind guests that AirBNB is not a hotel

Guernsey, WY
Level 2

That's fine. 

Re: A poem to remind guests that AirBNB is not a hotel

La Chapelle-des-Pots, France
Level 6

Love it! A pity most of my guest doesn't speak English...

Re: A poem to remind guests that AirBNB is not a hotel

Chicago, IL
Level 10

@Jason1262 very cute and I bet guests actually read it

I am sorry it did not get the attention it deserved when you originally posted

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Re: A poem to remind guests that AirBNB is not a hotel

Hamilton, Canada
Level 2

This really says it all! Thank you for sharing!

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