AIRBNB PLUS bad program

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Montreal, Canada

AIRBNB PLUS bad program

I have experiment to put my apartment on AIRBNB PLUS. I have begin this process beginning of may and we are now end of September and the announce is  not in line.

All the process has been terrible difficult, very long, no support, impossible to join person who working for airbnb plus, even for the personnel who answer you at the phone. They apologize but answer you " we can not reach the airbnb plus team because they are too busy ". They were not ready to put this program on line, they did'nt have enough worker and I have loose my time because of that.

Thit program control all your information. You can not choice the picture who will represent your apartment in the new site. They control all your proposition with out letting you having a personal way to welcome your guest or present your apartment. If you don't do it as they request you can not go further in the process. If you are unhappy as I am, no way to be refund.

When you have problem to complete there request, there is nobody to help you,  no explanation and no tutorial.

If you thinking about join that program, don't do it. You will loose your patience, your time and your money and you will loose the possibility of changing your site as you want. Every thing will be control by AIRBNB  PLUS.

Tell me why having a personal apartment to rent if airbnb take all the control of your presentation and force you to accept all further reservation? and that for 180$.

For myself I have 4 apartement on listing and I will never join AIRBNB PLUS for the 3 other one I have.


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I’ve been a successful Superhost with 95% occupancy most months, when I saw the Airbnb Plus program , I felt as a reward to my hard work.

My pictures were great but Airbnb plus decided to sent me a photographer, that supposed to be great but unfortunately it was awful, I complained, sent new pictures to Airbnb Plus and were never accepted them and I can’t edit them.

it suppose to have our place most expose, more rentals but my rental went from 95% occupancy to 3 %, I feel I don’t exist anymore. This month ONLY THREE days rental. I can’t cover my basic apartment expenses anymore.

I was blaming the sargassum instead of Brexit, but the sargassum is far gone.

I’m desperate 

After reading your posts I think Airbnb Plus is a flog. I see a lot says resolved, what have you done.

This is the 4th time I even try to post ... and nothing happens.

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Canary Islands, Spain

Thank you @France45! I already had a feeling that it was too good to be true.


I am happy that I didn't do the plus program!



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Sydney, Australia

I have 1000+ reviews and 950+ 5 star reviews. One of my 5 apartments was listed on Plus. It was the most stupid, frustrating, infuriating process ever.


I assumed is was a drive to reward quality hosts and ensure a common level of amenities for guests. I was wrong. 


I have just lost my Plus rating and have been told I have been banned.  My crime? I sent a message to a racist guest after they left that I did not review him because I could not think of anything nice to say. Ironically - I could have published this in a review and it would not have been an issue.



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Oak Beach, Australia

We got asked to join Airbnb Plus for free but are questioning whether to join (and this is after only 4 reviews)! Basically every room came back with a problem. Most were to add personal items but unfortunately we have had a guest from hell before who damaged & stole many things so we’re wary of leaving anything of meaning.

For the shoot no lights were allowed because all Airbnb Plus places are to be photographed the same but it was a gloomy day so the photos are awful.

We live in the tropics and were asked to put in a furnace - my reply to them was “Are you serious?” and fix the tv on the patio (there isn’t one).

We have original artworks throughout, loads of books and magazines. All the design hints seem to want to homogenize all listings - ours is a holiday house in the tropics not an inner city apartment. 

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Brighton, United Kingdom

I'm the same here in Brighton UK. I joined last year thinking it would help. Since joining my AirBNB bookings have collapsed and I no longer rely on AirBNB for customers. I am still being 'reviewed' for Plus and the latest fix is just a farce. I am being told to remove an antique French clock, my listing is all about antiques. This clock came from Bordeaux and is worth over £3k! Its taken the 'plus' team 3 months to reply to my last feedback on their suggestions! What a diabolical mess this program is and I am really starting to give up on AirBNB. I would like to exit the PLUS program and get a full refund but of course there is no way of getting this back. Shame on you AirBNB, I pride myself on customer service, you obviosuly dont!

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Hawaii, United States

DId you know that -- if they FINALLY accept you to the Airbnb Plus program you are obligated to delete your listing from every other platform where you list it and are legally obligated to list exclusively with Airbnb Plus?   (Yeah, my guess is you didn't know because they bury that mandatory requirement back behind a bunch of layers of 'learn more' clicks and are not up-front or transparent about it).    Would you have even started the process if you knew, up front, that it was a requirement?   I ask because I didn't know and have spent an absurd amount of time and money following up on their invitation to join Plus, flying 2500 miles to the house, finding live in child-care for my school-age daughter while I traveled (single mom!), getting the house ready, meeting their professional photographer and spending FIVE hours with him in my home.   I am trying to figure out if everyone else is as clueless about this obligation as I was.  No one else seems to be mentioning it and that either means that I'm the lone person who cares or -- my guess -- that no one is at all aware.

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Key West, FL

I don't think I've seen a single posting on the forum that says they are happy with Plus. Airbnb should scrap the program and spend the resources FIXING the tech problems that keep plaguing hosts, and streamline their program so that it is actually easy to use. 

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Boulder, CO

I've had a TERRIBLE experience with AirBnb plus. I have been booked solid for years and when given the "opportunity" to join plus, I felt I had to accept it because the penalty for not joining is that your search results drop.  I felt coerced, to say the least. In the middle of winter they sent a photog who took worse photos than the initial professional photographer had. And, since it was mid winter, they did not photograph my pool or tennis courts or patio.  When I tried to get pictures posted, they said I did not have the ability to post my own photos.  For months, I have been sending them photos and every time, they come back with some excuse about why they aren't good enough to post. And, they won't send one of their photographers. Meanwhile, I've had a HARDER time booking my place and make less money.  AirBnB plus is a sham as far as I'm concerned. 

We are Superhosts and really take pride in our listing. We dipped our foot in the Plus pool and are so unhappy that we did. They are SO overwhelmed and disorganized. It's a mess! We busted our ass and spend a lot of money to make sure the fixes were done and then haven't been reimbursed and our listing isn't up. It's been SIX MONTHS. And then when all our fixes were in...they just sent a message that we still had 14 more fixes?! There system is broken. They bit off more than they can chew. The fact that the Plus department doesn't have a direct phone line or a way to contact them on the phone...yeah, that should have been a sign. VRBO...this is your in!! Do it better and we will follow!

We are a very busy Airbnb home and were happy to see that the Airbnb Plus Program had arrived to our location, Marin, California. After speaking to Sonam P. at Airbnb support, we were told that we did not qualify because we have a 3pm check-in time. This is necessary in order to properly clean our property in between guests. If we have a guest check out at 11am, then we would need the time from 11-3pm to get the home ready for the next guest. Your Plus program is labor intensive because the "solution" from Sonam was to select the preparation date before each reservation or manage the check out time for each reservation. This causes us to "leave money on the table" as we would not be able to host any more back-to-back guests. For a busy home like ours, this does not make sense and I feel that you are punishing us because we are a successful business. Your 24 hour check-in time is not feasible. Perhaps this is a marketing tool for Airbnb to make extra money from hosts by highlighting homes that are not getting rented as much. Make no mistake. Our home is a perfect fit for the Plus program if you did not have the 24 hour requirement.  

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Hawaii, United States

Bizarre.  I have a 3pm in check in time on the house I rent in Hawai'i and they invited me.   Still, that is the least of the issue.    Unless you are willing to list exclusively with Airbnb and delete your listing from every other platform, you can't be part of the program.  They bury that very key requirement back behind twelve layers of 'learn more' links and clicks and are not transparent about it up front but it is, absolutely, a requirement.   Total deal killer from my perspective.  Would it be from yours?  Does anyone else know about this requirement because I don't see anyone mentioning it.



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New York, NY

I couldn’t be more unhappy with Airbnb plus. It’s been over 2 months now and I have yet to receive any reply. The photoS were terrible. The photographer took no photos of the outside, which is our largest selling point. Zero response. Terrible way to treat hosts. 

Like you I am keeping a close eye on Plus. As a business, mine relies heavily on human contact and bespoke features along with some down home craziness.


What I am seeing is total control in a firm that is supposed to be arms length. And that, my friends, is cree-pee. No, I am not moving a 16th century blanket chest for Ikea. 


Further, your rate of refusing a guest is very limited. This means you are stuck even if your instincts ancommon sense are screamng NO WAY. tis a slippery slope......

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Nashville, TN

I just opted out of Airbnb Plus. The photos they posted were inferior to the professional photography we had originally. Ironically, we hired a photographer who shoots for Airbnb and his photos were excellent. In addition, the new description was absurd...beginging with...and I'm not exaggerating: Behind old wooden doors....





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Cape Town, South Africa

Can someone from Airbnb Plus please assist us.   We have not had a single booking for our incredible apartment since Airbnb Plus loaded the overexposed, dismal pictures the Airbnb Plus agent took.   They are amateur and unattractive.   We are losing income and so is Airbnb due to this shortsightedness.   All we want is to be able to use the incredible professional photos we paid for and remove the bad photos.    I see that this issue is upsetting many hosts but nothing is being done to address it.    As an owner I know what guests love about our apartment and as an owner I want to show my property off at its best so why am I unable to?   


I have spent hours reporting this issue to Airbnb Support to no avail.    They either do not respond and when someone called Massimiliano did respond he did not understand my complaint and told me that Airbnb can only afford one lot of photos.   I don't want another photographer - i have paid a professional photographer to take pictures and want to be able to change the overexposed photos to the excellen tone.   HELP!

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Scottsdale, AZ

Hi Kathy, 


we are experiencing the same type of issues. I went from a 95% booking rate to no bookings since Airbnb Plus. Did you end up opting out of the program?

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Oakville, Canada

Airbnb plus is a complete mess! There is No customer service, little staff, no one to talk too and they tell you this.....Two of my 3 listings were moved and one of them the photos are terrible and we the host lose control of the listing with no photos of the Lake or surroundings!! I can't get them fixed. I had also paid for professional photos which were better than what they provided. Now they are gone. I have given up trying to call or email them as there is no answer or response.


I had 3 appointments scheduled which I flew back from South Carolina to Toronto for and the photographer never showed up!! Then they told me they had to drive 100 kms across the city to get to my place. Airbnb plus had no idea!! 


Please think twice before switching your listing. 

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Cape Town, South Africa

Jim I have the same problem.  The Airbnb Plus agent took amateurish, over exposed photos which have resulted in our not getting a single booking despite our having one of the most beautiful apartments in Cape Town - its right on the beach and decorated to the highest standard.    All I want is to be able to change the amaturish photos for the Professional photos I paid loads for.     I am suffering as I am getting no bookings as a result of Aibnb's shortsightedness.     Can someone help please.

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Murphysboro, IL

Our experience sounds different than those presented here, so I guess I wanted to share a different perspective in a detailed- read long - response.


We were invited to Plus in mid-December (so we did not pay the fee). Our photo shoot and inspection was scheduled for early January. Over that time I did a ton of research about the pros and cons of the program. I called CS, read chat room posts all over and thought about the between the lines messages of what the program required. Most of what I heard about the program was not encouraging. I also searched for the opposite perspective of those who had Plus come to their market and they opted out. Most of the results in that case were not good because they moved down in ranking. Like people here, we didn’t want to get in and hate the program and we didn’t want to get left behind either.


We are in a rural area, 50 minutes above Asheville, not one of their selected markets. As a matter of fact we are the only property that is Plus in our tiny market. Because of this I had several concerns in particular because of the limited space available to describe what we have to offer. After all, everyone knows why they’d go to Paris or New York, but almost no one would know why they’d want to go to our area of western NC.


When the day of the shoot came I had managed expectations. I found the photographer experienced and  easy to work with. The shoot went smoothly. Having done several photo shoots in the past I tried to be ready, but I knew that no matter what I did, when the photos were delivered some would miss the mark. I also knew from customer service I would not be able to choose which I wanted. And, I would wish there were photos that just were never taken. That all turned out to be true. It took me 3 years of constantly taking pictures to get the ones I felt best captured our place. No way was that going to happen with a professional shoot.


We had a list of things to fix that took about a week and $200. Not too bad. We were actually hoping for more feedback than we got so we could really hit it right from the start. We wanted to see our place through someone elses’ eyes. Oh well.


We went into this thinking we probably wouldn’t sign on but would be open minded and wait to see the listing. One month to the day we got our new listing. While we didn’t love all the pictures, you can delete them just not add to, from a guest perspective they looked good though. Couple of things I learned:


1. Editing in the app was frustrating. It’s glitchy and doesn’t show all your options. The character count is also wrong in the app, so you’d get to the end of writing your copy only to have it save some of it or stop typing midway through. This was corrected when I finally moved to the website.


2. Similarly, you cannot edit check box features in the app, so again went back to the website.


3. I did call customer service for help getting started. They never told me to use the website instead of the app, which knowing what I know now is surprising. The Plus associate started out making all of the changes for me, which was fine but then that person ghosted (maybe she took some time off, don’t know) but by then I had figured out the website, so I made the changes myself.


4. One thing I heartily disagree with is that they sell the space and not important features like our “million dollar view.” The view can be seen, thanks to a technique called bracketing, through most of the shots looking out through our windows, but I felt they were missing the mark by not having a straight on photo of the view. After all, it is like a pool to me. People book specifically because we have a good one. That said, I think it would pose problems for them and they new it. You have to get up at sunrise at our place to get the best picture of the view. No way would that work for an affordable photo shoot like they supply.


All our reviews talk about the amazing view, we talk about it, so I guess right now I view it as one of the stunning bonuses guests will get that’s even better than they saw on the listing. So It is an under promise over deliver thing. However, I do think they are missing the mark by not letting the owner add at least one picture, or a section of pictures from their catalog. They could be presented differently, like as snap shots or something. That would go a long way toward making hosts feel they have more control while also preserving their brand for the Plus program.


4. I thought I would find the copy writing process frustrating, but actually found that, from a guest perspective (because they don’t read), the new format could work really well. I tried hard to write with concision and found I was able to get all the important, descriptive information in. The way the process works with Plus also afforded me the opportunity to rethink how I communicate things to do in the area to guests, so I am working more on my booklet which is currently about 25 pages with photos. I have also added a lot more to the Airbnb book about the area. I also make sure all of the emails, my hosting page and everything we use to promote the property leads with a picture of the view.


6. In the end we tried to focus on what works about the program. We are getting more views. We stay pretty booked except in off season. So far we have gotten bookings in off season and for higher than I ever would have thought.


Time will tell, but I do think Plus is a good concept. I know hosts who haven’t been accepted yet are frustrated and so are the people who are in process. It could be viewed as a slap to Super Hosts, but equally it could be viewed as another way to grow. Frankly, we got Super Host early on and I felt that there was no where to go. I was glad for another challenge.


Not to mention from a guest perspective Airbnb wasn’t addressing the needs of all types of travelers. Those who want a more vetted experience or those who feel burned by a bad experience with one Airbnb’s properties needed a different approach. For instance, I spoke to guests recently who said they had a horrible experience with a Super Host property. They wanted a high end experience and the property just didn’t deliver on several points even though the host was nice. They said next time they’d book with VRBO because they have more elite properties and hosts with a lot more experience. Whether VRBO is better could be debated, but I am sure Plus was designed specifically for this type of traveler.


Plus just one that has to be fleshed out a bit. We are willing to hang with it. If it doesn’t work out we can also go right back to our old listing. We are usually early adopters though, so I think you have to know yourself. If you don’t like being a part of the evolution of something, getting in this early might not be for you. We feel it is worth the risk, because of the increased exposure so we are going for it.


Hopefully this helps someone who is on the fence. I wish you all the best.

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Kalispell, MT

I now consider Airbnb in the "STUPID UNTIL PROVEN OTHERWISE" Category.  I am not interested in any of their new programs until they've proven that they aren't full of problems and hassles and that guests have voiced their pleasure.  I'm not optimistic about anything "Airbnb new and improved" and won't be joining "Plus".  I do however say in my listing, that we meet or exceed all items required for the Airbnb "Plus" program (which hasn't launched in our area yet). 

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