Adding a Security Deposit: a Community Help Guide

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Adding a Security Deposit: a Community Help Guide

-----------------Update June 5th 2017--------------------

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I firmly believe that ALL hosts should have a security deposit for their listing.  There are many times where a host posts on the Community Center that a guest caused damage, broke something in their listing, or any other reason a host may need to make a claim.  In order to make a claim on damage or other issues, you need to have a security deposit in place in which the guest agrees to pay for damages at the time of booking.  If you need to make a claim on the security deposit, you need to do this within 48 hours after the guest checks out.


Setting a Security Deposit


Step 1: Click on "Host" and then "Manage Listing".  You will then want to choose "Manage Listing and Calendar" to edit your listing.


manage listing 2.png


Step 2: On the left hand menu, choose "Pricing" and then scroll down to the "Additional Pricing Options" section.  Check the "Security Deposit" box and then enter the amount for your security deposit.


security deposit.png


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Help!  I've read everything possible on adding a security deposit to the listing, but NOT on how to collect it from the guest!  How to add it to their charge?  Thanks.

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Tbilisi, Georgia

That was exactly my question, so no need to repeat it now, I'll just wait for the response here, thanks.

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Bethany Beach, DE

Thanks Clare.


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