Airbnb agreement considered a lease w Host = Landlord & Guest = Tenant for stays under 30 days?

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Texas, United States

Airbnb agreement considered a lease w Host = Landlord & Guest = Tenant for stays under 30 days?

I am hosting a Houston, Texas townhouse with antiquated bylaws. I started in February '17. Unfortunately, I had a "drunken disturbance" issue with my last guests and my immediate neighbors are in uproar and the property management sent me a note about fines and background checks for "tenants." I am fine with fines if deserved and have taken extra measures to prevent this from happening again. I need to respond soon to the management request for background check and drafted what is shown below. Has anyone run into the same issue and does anyone know the answer? I realize it varies by location and local laws. Thank you in advance. 


My Response: 

I am extremely apologetic for the noise on Saturday. I understand the placement of fines and will be held accountable should I or my guests cause excessive noise levels after reasonable hours. 
My guests who have been visiting are not tenants nor am I considered a landlord. I have extensively reviewed the by-laws and there is nothing that prohibits short term stays. I have vetted all visitors and, as mentioned, will strictly enforce a policy of considerate noise levels and common courtesy. Please know that your note and the concern of the neighbors is duly noted and I will do a better job of communicating to my guests. 
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Memphis, TN

Hi Sandra! I am going through this EXACT thing. What is the current status on your situation?

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Many Condo association rules do not allow short term rentals and require anybody living at the property to be vetted, not sure exactly what you are asking.


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