Airbnb has changed since the pandemic.

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I've noticed so much nonecarness of Airbnb customer service since the pandemic, also the decisions are sometimes unfair, I understand that the pandemic has left a negative impact in all of us, however, I believe airbnb team should be fair and not in favor of only the guest, I had few bad experiences with Airbnb decision since last April, and recently they've taken 46€ from my payout without any consultation or even a warning, the situation was a guest who booked 7 nights and stayed only 4, he decided to check out due to a change of plans, and I asked the guest if he wants a refund of the remaining nights and said no and he was satisfied due to the cheap rate, the next day I've received a cancellation, how was it possible for the guest to cancel during the stay!? Also he left a negative review even he was satisfied on the departure day! Few days later I noticed an adjustment on my transaction history -46€, with no explanation, I've been writing airbnb through the resolution center almost every day for a week with no single response! 

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Re: Airbnb has changed since the pandemic.

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Now when guests complain about anything at all I feel my years of experience trying to make things better in a fair way or explain why we have certain policies...  are pointless. All the skills I had honed at handling people after many thousands of guests passing through me personally are no longer helpful. There is no point in me directly negotiating or explaining to the guest what I am willing to do for them when it comes to a change, cancelation or repair. Because Airbnb will override my policies and remove money from my account any time they want without my permission. It is mind blowing to think back to the many years when I thought this job was hard just because maintaining good reviews was the goal. That felt like the pinnacle of stress and I really thought that was enough to worry about. TOS changed this year and I am continually amazed at what is in the new terms of service did to home owners to add risk (such as all damage from animals even in pet free homes is excluded by the Host Guarantee). I have also been following up for 5 days on an email chain with an agent who is no longer responding, trying to get him to refund the sales tax for some refunded nights for two different guests who shortened their stays. The agent had no idea how to do this or why I was asking. The alteration tool malfunctions 90 percent of the time so handling this without CS is impossible but asking CS to handle it is also not working. 

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