Airbnb's website is one of the worst I've encountered

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Toronto, Canada

Airbnb's website is one of the worst I've encountered

Has anyone else had a frustrating experience trying to navigate this website? It has to be one of the most counter-intuitive things I've encountered. You can't get easily from A to B, especially in managing the calendar. I mean, airbnb isn't a poor company. You'd think they'd put a few dollars into making the site easier to navigate, rather than making it just look pretty. It's getting so I hate coming on here.

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Copenhagen, Denmark

Very very appalling experience of navigating around the website and actually booking a website. The website continually fails to log my phone number so I therefore cannot book my apartment and logging into my account is more problematic everyrtime. Errors on the servers constantly if I wish to update any information, verification codes being sent are great but not giving any windows to enter that code seems as though the databases of airbnb have been designed extremely badly. 

Tom Billington
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London, United Kingdom

Airbnb is without a doubt the worst platform I've come across on the internet. Hosts are treated like school children and navigating the website is clunky and frustrating. This seems to be intentional on their part as it would be relatively easy to make some simple improvements that would make users feel like valued customers instead of intruders.

So agree! For an internet company it is a sad joke. It is set up to play games with the hosts and probably the guests. It is difficult if not impossible to delete an outdated listing. Difficult and so far impossible for me to accurately update my listings and to cross check the calendar sync which doesn't work. Paying TOT tax? Good luck it is totally hit or miss and there is a mistake on it nearly every time. Then try calling customer service -- the poor untrained employees do not know what to do. Why not spend more and get higher quality service?

IT's arrogant for them to assume what I want and try to make the experience "better" the experience I want are in the places I go! Not how they assume I want to choose them.

The worst! I don't want an island it automatically chooses, narrows my search. I want an open search. Just the MAP with everything available. STOP TRYING TO CHOOSE FOR ME. SUCKS! 


we are living at time of other people choosing for us and telling us what to do, what to like, what to think. And why ABNB has to be any different? 

True. AIR BNB is just getting worst day by day

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Colorado Springs, CO

Can't believe how bad this site is.  I only want to book across the State and they keep offering me international and very high-priced places.  No place I could find to enter the US city I want to visit.  Awful

I'm disappointed I had an accident and I can't go on my trip and they don't want to cancel.

I lied the whole time saying the owner doesn't want to cancel. But the owner told me that he already authorized them to cancel.


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New York, United States

Cuz whenever you try to use it, it’s horse **bleep**. The app is terrible and when I try to use it on a browser it’s even slower. I’ve tried calling customer support for some of the problems I’ve had but gotten no help. All I get is “I’m sorry for the inconvenience” and after hours of waiting and calling, you get no help at all. You can’t even enter your own credit card information without the app telling you you’re entering false information. 

Here it is 2021 and the website experience is still something from the 9th level of Hell. I have never encountered a clunkier, less-user-friendly website. I wanted to enter my birthdate on my Android and I'm 70 years old... I had to tap that accursed calendar until my finger broke to get back to my birth year. What blistering simpleton came up with a model where you can't just type in your date of birth? Jumping H. Jehoshaphat! I've tried entering my phone number dozens of times, and it keeps telling me "we can't service that number" or "you've reached your access limit." Customer service is really hit and miss as well. You'd think a company this large could get their act together, especially after so many complaints over so many years.

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Sayulita, Mexico

@Christopher1165 The 30 year old techies that program this stuff can't believe that anyone who needs to click all the way back to 1950 is even capable of travelling, let alone using a smart phone 🙂

LoL some of us boomers started programming Univacs in Fortran 20 years before those techies were even  born.

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Sayulita, Mexico


They think they invented it. 


My 90 year old stepmom navigates her smartphone like a teenager.


I was having a conversation with my 25 year old niece and she was talking about how a lot of her friends are in polyamorous relationships. I told her I wasn't familiar with that and could she explain.


When she finished, I said, "So your generation thinks they invented that? That's what we used to call "free love" back in the 60s. It was fun while it lasted, but it doesn't work or everyone would still be doing it. Humans seem biologically programmed to get jealous."


She admitted it wasn't working out that well for her friends.

It seemeth me that every generation needs to make the same mistakes over and over again...

I had to curse at it the entire time. Someone needs to be choke slammed through 10 tables

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Lithia Springs, GA

Why am I able to include a photo in a message to my airbnb guest WHEN I'M ON THE APP but the website messaging system does NOT ALLOW pictures to be sent?


Another annoyance... why am I allowed to create "saved messages" for my overnight airbnb listing BUT I'm NOT ABLE to create saved messages for my airbnb experience?! I have to type everything out to every new booking! Yes, I am aware of the "welcome message" but that is different than a "saved message" that I can quickly send out to a guest myself. 


Another problem... why doesn't airbnb experiences allow hosts the option of TURNING OFF INSTANT BOOK like hosts CAN DO for their airbnb overnight listing? We need a chance to vet our potential experience guests just like we do our overnight guests. Whether its an overnight guest or an experience guest... it's still COMPLETE STRANGERS coming to my HOME! I need to know a bit more about them, their intentions, their expectations and be able to message them BEFORE they are allowed to book. 


There has to be a better, more seamless way for an airbnb host to toggle back and forth between their experience listing and its inbox to their overnight listing and its inbox. It's very confusing as it is now. Maybe make one simple inbox with a tab for experiences and a tab for overnight messages? 


Why does airbnb take 0% of the fee for an experience from the guest and take the ENTIRE 20% FEE FROM THE HOST? That's very unfair. It makes people not even want to be experience hosts. Split it 50/50 between the guest and the host. 





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Boat of Garten, GB

I find it hard to believe all the glitches iv encountered with the web site and mobile app possibly worst yet.
This is a 30billion dollar company Realy !


and customer service is chargeable at a huge cost on the phone when things go wrong

quote simply it’s lazy and robbing ways won’t last the distance in the race to being the worlds number one.
   they set you such high standards and penalise you for one little mistake ... if it were the other way round I’d be defiantly giving them a 3 out of five 🤭 

just the worst

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Edinburgh, United Kingdom

When a guest makes a booking enquiry or instant booking, please show the Calendar with the booking. Before replying to them, i want to know if previous guests are  departing on their arrival day and implications on check in. I don't want multiple pages, scrolling and clicks to find that information. A thumbnail of the Calendar Month in which the guest arrives would be great. It used to be a feature in previous versions, please re-instate it. 

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