Appropriate Co-Hosting Fees?

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Rhinebeck, NY

Appropriate Co-Hosting Fees?

I received a lovely email from Airbnb inviting me to offer my services as a co-host because of my reviews and superhost status.  I had never thought to do that before, but the idea intrigues me, as I have really enjoyed every aspect of the hosting experience.


As I went through the process of indicating my availability, and the services I could provide, I realized I had no idea what an appropriate percentage of compensation would be.  I also realize that this would depend upon the services I provided as a co-host.  


I would be really curious to hear what other hosts or co-hosts are paying/charging for this service, and what services are included in that percentage.  I do know this is a very personal decision, but having a sense of what others have thought was fair would be greatly appreciated!


Thanks in advance.




Rhinebeck, New York

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Atlanta, GA

Hi everyone, I'm considering a Co-host.  But not sure what to pay for which responsibilities.  Would you happen to have a list of EVERYTHING that a cohost would be responsible for at each price point?  For example 15% would consist them doing this and that... 25% would add on these extra responsibilities and then 45% would be this or that. Would you happen to have a list of EVERYTHING that a cohost would be responsible for that I may not be thinking about that you could share?

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Bristol, United Kingdom

It's up to you and your co-host to decide on a rate. There is no one size fits all. Different cohosts have different pricing structures and offer different services .


put together a list of the support you need and ask three or four local co-hosts to quote. @Amity5 



Hi, I'm new to Airbnb and would like to know how do you generate a report in Airbnb for the actual amount that you will pay to your co-host? Looking forward for all your answers. Thank you.

Hi @Rica11 - you can generate a report of your monthly income from your hosting dashboard. Click on Performance > Earnings, then select the month from the dropdown. It will instantly show you that month's earnings in the graph, but you can also download a .CSV (Excel) file by clicking on "View transaction history" at the bottom. Then click on "Gross earnings", set the start date as the first of the month and the end date as the last day of the month, then click "Download CSV". 


Performance > Earnings > "View transaction history" ... then click "Download CSV"Performance > Earnings > "View transaction history" ... then click "Download CSV"


P.S: For anyone interested, we run a co-hosting service where we manage air b&bs in Victoria, BC, Canada. We do everything - from helping people find property to purchase, to interior design to create a one-of-a-kind rental, to professional cleaning after every guest, managing all guest communication, handling guest check-in and check-outs, filing damage claims with AirBnB, etc. We do all of this for 20% of the revenue from each reservation + $50 cleaning fee. We find this pricing structure to be easy and transparent for everyone, and helps us keep our interests aligned with owners - ie. the higher revenue we generate for the owner (through more bookings, higher nightly rates), the more revenue for us.

If you need a co-host for your space you can check us out at or give us a shout at

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New York, NY

Hello I'm looking to co-host in my area NYC & the suburbs (Westchester County) how do I find host that need assistance. I can do full service and will offer a la carte type services. 

Diana B.

Hey @Diana1650 , AirBnB used to have a co-host marketplace, but they have since removed it. You could sign up for - they help owners find co-hosts 🙂


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New York, NY

Thanks @Robyn351 much appreciated

Diana B.
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New York, NY

Thanks so much I appreciate it ✌🏾

Diana B.

Hello, may I know if I'll add someone as my co-host on my Airbnb listing will he be able to be visible on the customers on the public listing too? Or still I, alone?

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Sandy, UT

No you’re not alone they will fill out co host information and it will also show up 

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Smyrna, GA

Co-hosting is a volume game. It’s not worth it at any rate to do one or two properties. The real money comes after at least 5 properties. 

As for what to charge, I co-hosted for a brief period and charged “a la carte”. 


Base pay was flat $75 per stay for properties that charge $150 or more per night. Adjust up or down accordingly. 


Add cleaning management, add 10% per booking. 


Add greeting guests, add 10% per booking with additional $.80 per mile of outside 5 mile radius to my home. 


You get the idea. Start with a healthy reasonable base and let them cherry pick from there. Still a volume game though. Less than 5 properties is not worth the effort. 

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Scottsdale, AZ

I was paying 33%.

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Austin, TX

Hi there,


I host a place that is not where I live. I do all the online communication myself, but I have a cohost that lives by the property. My co-host does not greet the guests, but is nearby and on call if they need anything. Usually they do not meet. My cohost cleans after guests leave, and generally makes the place nice for the next guest, helps make sure everything is stocked, and changes the lockbox combination. They also occasionally coordinate maintenance if needed. For this they are paid either $100 per listing or 30% of the profit, whichever is higher. I think this percentage makes it financially worthwhile for the cohost. I know I would not be able to do it without them, so it’s worth it to me that they want to continue the relationship. 


Good luck in your decision! 

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London, United Kingdom

Hi i am Central/sw  London based looking for co hosting opportunity- *sensitive information hidden*. happy to help someone who is abroad and need someone professional. 

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Wentzville, MO

Hi I live in Missouri and I have a cabin rental in TN. I am available to co host in any state as far as dealing with bookings, reviews, setting up the cleanings, other phone calls w issues etc. I would not expect as much % as some would get that can be onset but I manage my own cabin from 8 hours away w the support that I set up and have superhost status w 5 stars in communicating with guests. Let me know if I can help you out:)

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Berkeley, CA

Hi, I am a super host in Berkeley , ca ,where I manage my own two apartments . Now, I have an apartment in South Beach , Miami, that I would like to find a co host . 

If I manage all the bookings and pay for the cleaning . How much or what percentage should I offer the co host ? Duties would only be check in and check outs .



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Boone, NC


I have been co-hosting a friend's space while she's traveling for 6 weeks.  She returns late Feb.  I'm making 20% of all bookings and am also being paid separately to clean.  My question - For the bookings in March, I've done all of the upfront communications but she will be the one hosting.  How should I charge for these?  Thanks!

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Patterson, NY

Hi Mary,


If she will be returning to handle the bookings but you generated them, I would try to work something out with her to get maybe half your rate—10%—come to something you feel is fair as you aren’t doing too much work at that point, but still something. Afterall, you are someone she was able to trust to manage her property. That speaks volumes and the peace of mind she had knowing her property would be well-represented in generating those bookings is worth every penny spent. 


Let me know now how it goes!





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Newcastle, Australia

I'm currently also looking at possibility of  having someone co-host for me for some  months.

My property rents for $150min with a miniumum 2 night stay. so thats $300 minimum each booking. I have been contemplating offering a co-host 40%  to cover everything including cleaning so if the co-host wants to carry out everything themselves they would get $120 min per booking and if they contracted a cleaner, (probably $60), the co-host would still clear $60. By far the majority of bookings are 2 nights, but certainly for longer bookings the co-host would do well for themselves.

I think thats fair to ensure a co-host does an amazing job?

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Castro Valley, CA

I think 40% with cleaning sounds decent.  I suppose it doesn't include guest supplies, like tp, shampoos, etc. 


I am a super host, 4+ years, have two two listings and also own a cleaning company.  Both of our listings are 5* and espeically highly rated for cleaning.  

My cleaning company does quite a bit of Airbnb cleanings, and  we offer offsite linen washing (some units don't have w/d onsite) as well as bath toiletries including hotel size shampoo/conditioner/bodywash/soap, kitchen essentials, etc...





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