Bank account verification pending

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Bouillon, Belgium

Bank account verification pending

Our primary payout methd is bank account.

It is listed as "pending verification" y airbnb.

We have also received some minor amount from airbnb at my account (20 cents)

The process is pending for two weeks alredy, and airbnb seds me messages that they cant verify my account.

What should we do, and what is a process normally?



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Mumbai, India

I have the same problem. . . .my new bank account added is showing pending. How many days does this usually take ? Can anyone let me know.

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Chinandega, Nicaragua

i have the same question and have not been able to find an answer. i added a bank account, received the small payment amount, but the account still says "pending verification". how do i verify???

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Marbella, Spain



I have exaCTLY THE SAME PROBLEM. I have added a bank account, received a small payment. How do I now verify this account?


It looks like Airbnb have fcked up on this process.

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Dallas, TX

Did anyone find an answer ?

My account is pending also.  Not sure what the next step is...???

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Amman, Jordan

i have the same problem , i dont even find a costumer service email to contact an airbnb agent !! 

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California, United States

Call Airbnb customer service.  

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Baldwin, NY

Hi Deborah,


What's the customer service number?

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Anchorage, AK

Deborah, what is the customer service number? I have not been able to find one. 


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