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Winter Release: Your Questions Answered here

Business Travel Ready

Business Travel Ready

How does a host go about signing up to appear to business travelers?  We meet all the requirements, have spoken with AirBnb representative who sent an email with a link to be able to sign up and appear to business travelers, but it requires a work email to unlock the link; which I do not have and does not accept yahoo or gmail accounts. It seems that the representative mistook me for a guest and not a host.  Any suggestions besides contacting AirBnb rep again.  

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@Laura1263, I don't think you have to sign up for your listing to gain the "Business Travel Ready" badge.


If your listing meets the requirements, it will be evaluated and given the "Business Travel Ready" badge by the AirBnB system automatically. (It isn't instant, and does take some time.)


You can certainly ask a representative if your listing does indeed meet all the requirements.


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@Matthew285  I was conversing with an airbnb cs rep today about this subject. It has come to my attention that I wasn't getting the business travelers as I had formerly. I have all the requirements. My place is a private room plus bath with WIFI, a desk and chair, outlets, etc and many guests have booked for these amenities. I also offer a full service array of toiletries, towels, iron and ironing board, etc.  I'm expecting someone to follow up with me to see why homes such as mine in my area come up as business ready, but mine does not. The CS Rep is looking into it. I will follow up on this thread when I get a clear answer. I don't offer a separate flat, but neither do my competitors. I have a specific business email but the system where you input it wouldn't accept it. So I am eager to see if I can get the business read designation. I will come back to update when I know.  Btw, There is no travel ready badge seen on the other listings dthat come up as business ready. There is like mine a super host badge.
This is from the page

When you search for a place, choose the Work trip toggle and you'll get homes and boutique hotels with specific criteria.

Work-friendly homes and boutique hotels that have:

  • At least one business review
  • A high business review rating from guests (4.8+)
  • A high overall review rating (4.7+)
  • An indication from the host that there is a smoke alarm and a carbon monoxide alarm

Airbnb Plus places to stay (in available markets) that have:

  • Spaces verified for quality and design
  • Amenities preferred by business travelers, like wifi

You can further narrow your search to only include entire places (or private rooms) by using the Home type filter in addition to the Work trip toggle.

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Hi Laura and Matthew, I meet all the requirements to host Business travellers, however I don't have a business email address! I only have a gmail address. So as far as I can see, I cannot sign up for Business Travellers. Is there any other way, do you know? Many thanks, Antonia

@Antonia112, the page that requires a business email address is for guests to sign up for Business Travel. It has nothing to do with hosts. Hosts do not need a business email address for their listing to be Business Travel Ready.


For a listing to be Business Travel Ready:

The listing must also have the following Business Travel Ready amenities:

  • Wireless Internet
  • A laptop-friendly workspace
  • Self check-in (this includes a key lockbox, doorman, keypad, or smartlock)
  • A smoke detector
  • A carbon monoxide detector
  • Essentials (toilet paper, clean towels, and fresh linens)
  • An iron
  • Hangers
  • A hair dryer
  • Shampoo


Your listing indicates that it does NOT provide shampoo or a hair dryer.

Also, can a guest do Self Check In?


Finally, I noticed that your room specified as being a "Private Room in Guest Suite"

As the Business Travel Ready page says:


"Business Travel Ready listings must be an Entire Home/Apt and an eligible property type (house, apartment, bed & breakfast, bungalow, cabin, chalet, townhouse, villa, guesthouse, entire floor, hotel, loft, or condo)"


You can easily fix the Shampoo and Iron issue, and I imagine you have Self-Checkin.

The listing type is a harder thing to fix.


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Hi Matthew, Thank you for your feedback. Yes I can certainly provide, shampoo, hair dryer, carbon monoxide detector and I do have a Lock Box for self check in. It seems a shame that I am unable to advertise to business people on AirBnB because I don't provide an entire home. The Studio would be perfect for business travellers! Anyway, I do appreciate your support. Many thanks, Antonia 🙂

@Antonia112, if you provide shampoo, please do check it as something you provide (it currrently is marked as NOT provided). You also mentioned the hair dryer, but I believe the other thing you are missing is an iron, not a hair dryer.


If the studio has a separate entrance, perhaps you could add a small kitchenette somewhere in it? Then you could perhaps list it an an Entire Guesthouse and qualify for Business Travel Ready?


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Hi Matthew, Yes, I will provide the above and tick it off as available on my profile for guests to see. Providing a small kitchenette would be the solution, however quite costly at the present time, but thank you for the suggestion. Yes it does have a separate entrance and space for a kitchenette. Mmmm...decisions. Certainly if the guest house is doing well, then I will seriously consider putting one in. All the best, Antonia 🙂

@Antonia112, you will know what is best to do, because you know your property and area best.

I don't even know if a kitchenette is actually required; you just want the place to feel somewhat complete. I have stayed at places where the "kitchenette" is just a small refrigerator with a microwave on top of it, and that's all I really meant by "kitchenette".


Best of luck!


Hi, on the " WORK READY " requirements it mentions having 4.8 score over 365 days, with minimum 5 reviews..does that mean it takes one whole year before you can be listed as work ready. thanks


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Thank you Matthew 🙂