I just received an email from AirBnB where I can now show off how fast my Wifi is.  While I appreciate that hosts and guests find this to be critical information, I am not certain that AirBnB should have (IMO) wasted their time providing this tool instead of the things that hosts have asked for for years.  Except for the ability to link the Wifi speed to the listing, this tool provides the same information that I can get by employing any number of Wifi speed tests from my computer, tablet or phone.


What hosts want:


1.  A REAL damage deposit.

2.  A PET FEE.

3.  AirBnB paid and trained CS -- NOT outsourced script readers.


Next?  ....

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Re: Can AirBnB Offer Tools and Settings That are NEEDED?

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@Branka-and-Silvia0  I'd like to be able to put in a range of speeds, rather than one number, since speed is variable based on device. 


My neighbor came over and brought her old iPad, and we tested my connection using my preferred speed tool. I deducted a few Mbps for safety, and typed that number in.  Hopefully, most people will get that or better. 

Re: Can AirBnB Offer Tools and Settings That are NEEDED?

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We have pretty good speed for our WiFi here, so it is a selling point. I have had a few guests who used it to work remotely. The tool that Air is pushing does not seem to be available to us. I posted a photo of my laptop on a popular speed test site. The people who know about such things know that is only what was available at the time the photo was taken. The rest will be fine, it is pretty fast all the time.

I am not wanting to push a lot of amenities, either. We have some big downsides here, and if guests find a nice feature they appreciate, there will be better reviews.

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Re: Can AirBnB Offer Tools and Settings That are NEEDED?

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I absolutely agree. Airbnb srtarted as a lovly thing and i stil enjoy visiting nice peoples houses instead of a hotel but as a host and with the raised fee i can tell this is just part of the evil **bleep** show playing out in the world now so i will get out of here and either find or create something new.  maybe somebody have advice of a good page world wide someone small probably as it seems as only the bad guys get to steal the show today as they also own the media...anyways... that means we have exciting new things ahead. Now to what I want to ask...You say REAL damage deposit so i guess you have been through damage in your place? Do you know how to do to get help? A guest accidentaly broke a big window in my sunroom 3 months ago. i have gone through the process of asking the guset for money and then asking airbnb showing pictures and all that and off course not heard one word. a month later i had to cancel my first guest since 2012 and the next day they had deducted 90 euros from my account... so i guess its not that they have too much to do. how can i get the 250 euros that it costs me to replace the window? any advice? many thanks! 

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