Cancelations and Hosting Experiences

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Hi All, 


I was wondering if other "experience" hosts have gotten many last minute cancelations and how they deal with that. I have rescheduled for a few people who have canceled in less than 24 hours, but it's starting to get difficult for me to reschedule for everyone and also it's frustrating for my personal scheduling when someone doesn't show up for a workshop. At the same time, I know that things come up, and I want to be compassionate for that. 


What has been your policy regarding cancelations for experience hosts?







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Re: Cancelations and Hosting Experiences

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Hi @Judy265, I haven't hosted any 'experience' but have a listed a room at home.


I can understand the difficulty of last minute cancellation and it can be frustrating when you have already planned for it.


I do believe that guests should respect your time and they should be aware you respect your time as well.


Please put in the cancellation fee in your listing. I believe there are several cancellation options to choose from.


This way your receive guests who are really serious as they will be aware of the cancellation fee.


You can however accomodate genuine cancellation, when you have a conversation with them.


I see your reviews and you are doing a great job. I hope your cancellations reduce.



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