Cleaners and Calendars

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help! can anyone advise how to give cleaners access to calenders only.


we would like our cleaners to have access to the calenders.  Unfortunatley the only way is Air bnb advised is to become a co-host.

 This  is not suitable for our business as our cleaners do not need to engage with the client (traveller) nor do they need access to the financials.

At the moment we are running a seperate calender.  

(Stayz use to have a great access point just for a thrid party like cleaners but they have been sold to homeaway expedia which have got rid of the additonal calender when they moved everything accross - another disaster!)


thankyou for your time

best wishes


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Re: Cleaners and Calendars

Somers, MT
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Not sure about your 3rd party calendar but I sync a Google calendar with my ABB and HA calendar then give the Google calendar link to my service. Works perfectly.

Re: Cleaners and Calendars

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Search the boards. There is a way to directly share the calendar with someone who is not a co-host. My husband and my daughter both were able to use the link generated by Airbnb to autoload the calendar on their iPhones. And it automatically updates as people book.

However - the calendar may also show other details (like how much people are paying etc.). You might want to check that out first.

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