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... Still struggling with this issue. I'm sharing a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom condo with a host who rents it with her husband, and her toddler. The ad did not promise private washroom. However, there is 1 washroom in the common area, and 1 in their room. Host and family use "my" washroom (only toilet and sink) from time to time, however, I'm the only one expected to clean it. host also complains sometimes when it's not up to par clean. I would like to clean at my own pace...

So it's kinda like "MY" washroom when it comes to cleaning, but shared when it comes to using. I feel like things should either be private fully, or shared fully. 

I'm bothered by this. This condo is worth about 2400, and my host gets 1100 from me (after all Airbnb fees). 

I'm struggling right now to find another place. I make about 1500 a month, but choose to spend majority on rent, because I wanna live in a nice setting. I sacrifice my grocery bill for that. After all, I start to feel like I'm wasting money, like I'm being "f'ed over". Finding it hard yet to find a new place.

I just wanna live nicely and feel like I have a HOME, instead of being told when to clean, like I'm freeloading or smth.

Also, there is no cleaning fee for my last month. (but there was one when I moved it - I booked month by month)

Any opinion on that? From anybody I haven't heard from. 

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The primary goal of the  Airbnb platform is not offering long term stays.  During such stays a "guest" sooner or later will start behaving like  a "tennant" (Or even litteraly become a tennant depending on local laws). But the feeling "like having a home" is fake, because with an Airbnb reservation you still are a guest. it is also more expensive, as you have to pay Service costs, Tourist- and/or other local taxes. So if you like the place, ask for a lease contract and make good appointments about the shared features.

But as an Airbnb guest there is no obligation to clean a space which is used by the host also. Talk to the host or if no result, complain at Airbnb.


You state "booked month by month": i assume you extend the reservation by a month, then the cleaning fee is charged only the first month.

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Airbnb is not the place for a flat share or long extended stays 

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If you are sharing a communal facility with your hosts such as a bathroom or kitchen you should clean up after each use as soon as you have finished. It's irrelevant if they only use it sometimes .


It's not your washroom it's communal and both parties should clean up after themselves .


you've already said you can't find decent alternatives but if you need a long term rental why are you using Airbnb.


it's completely irrelevant what the host pays as a mortgage 

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