Criticize my airbnb listing please.

San Diego, CA
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Dear Airbnb Community,


I have listed this in San Diego and need your help to criticize it and advise me if you have any comments. Thank you so much.


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Re: Criticize my airbnb listing please.

London, United Kingdom
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I suspect you meant critique, @Ebrahim11, versus criticize.

Having had a quick glance, I'd say you've got too many photos of effectively the same thing, just from different angles. It's also very much focused on the garden, whereas I like to think of (certainly for an entire listing) the house as shot 1 (unless it's ugly, which yours isn't).  

Some of the interior shots make it look very overlooked or visible from outside (do you have nets for privacy) and, ideally, I wouldn't have a truck so plainly visible from the inside (maybe take pics from a different angle?). 

You've got a frightening amount of wires in pic 16. Any way to today those up? The artistic effect you were going for in pic 17 has been dashed thanks to a slipped cushion!

Pic 26 is a no, a big fat no. Just because. 

In conclusion, I'd easily halve the number of photos you've used. 

Finally, you have a few typos in your description - worth a re-proof. 

That's all from me!

Re: Criticize my airbnb listing please.

Los Gatos, CA
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11,795 a month?  Is that a typo? 

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