Does Airbnb offer a requirement for booking property to do an experience?

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Hello all,

Question. We are adding "packages" to our Airbnb listing as additional add-on guests can purchase for their stay. For example, we have the following packages

1.  Brunch for 12

2. Brunch/Yoga for 12

3. Private Chef Dinner for 12

4. Casino night for 20 (roulette, craps, poker with dealers, etc.)


I usually just charge the guest the fee per package if they want to purchase it. Would it be better to offer this as an experience? The only concern is this needs to be in addition to booking the house, otherwise, cost-wise it is not profitable. My interpretation of Airbnb experiences is that you can book these as stand-alone items, meaning you wouldn't need to book a place to do them. Is there an option for the requirement of a booking to purchase an experience? I cant seem to find that option.


Thank you!

Paige Alexander
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Re: Does Airbnb offer a requirement for booking property to do an experience?

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@Paige208  I wouldn't try to offer those things as an Experience. For one thing, to list an experience, you have to fill out a bunch of forms, write up your proposal and have it approved. And from what I've read, if Airbnb rejects it, they don't tell you why, so you have no idea what you'd need to change. And they could reject it because there are others in the area offering similar experiences, and they want the experiences to be unique to a  area.


I know that many experiences include the housing, but I don't know how that's set up, or whether guests have to accept the whole package, or can just book the experience separately.


I think it's nice that you offer those extra options in your listing, and unless there is something problematic about it for you, I'd leave it as is.

Re: Does Airbnb offer a requirement for booking property to do an experience?

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@Paige208   Experiences is not the right venue for add-on services for a Homes listing. A listed experience is not allowed to set a minimum group size You're not even allowed to include accommodation in an Experience, let alone require it.


Since these services are only available to people who book the listing, the best way to advertise them is to describe what's included and disclose the rates in your listing text.  If you want guests to pre-pay for additional packages through Airbnb's payment system, you can bill them on the Resolutions tool. 


Presumably some of your bookings will be for fewer than 12 people, so it would probably be more straightforward to drop the "for 12" from your offers and set either a per-person rate or a flat group rate.  The "Casino Night for 20" is something I can't recommend offering through Airbnb, as your coverage for damage and liability are null and void if you purposefully allow more than the number of registered accommodation guests onto the property.

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