Extended Stay Hosting Issues/28 Days +/Policy & Protocols

Redmond, OR
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Hello fellow Hosts & Extended Stay Guests:

  It is time to start the conversation about the contractual,legal,management and  policy protocols for the Extended Stay ( 28 days or more) category of reservation in the Airbnb platform.


   As Airbnb expands its reach into the lodging industry and Hosts explore through that platform how their listing can fill the lodging/shelter needs of the community they serve  it is timely and imperative that Airbnb fine tune its policy & protocols for the 28Days+ reservation contracts.


  The contractual and legal distinctions between  Nightly Lodging and Rental Property are not fully expressed to the consumer. And the entire set-up for the Host is inadequate to meet the requirements and expectations of a Rental Agreement.


    The first part~ the waiving of the transient lodging taxes, tourist taxes, etc. are just  the first part.  

    The middle part~ any distinctions of services the host may want to offer in detail  to the Rental lodger are not provided to be expressed in the  Listing  post.  There should be a way for Hosts to have automatic "Rental House Rules" popped up when a confirmation is made.  This information should be displayed to the guest prior to their commitment to the Reservation the same  as terms of cancelation/refund are detailed in the reservation contract.

   The last part~ the guest stay is over~ is where it really falls down a rabbit hole of non-ssent.  Airbnb sends out the same prompt to submit a Review to Guest & Host~ as if it were a nightly lodging stay. And it doesn't even call it a "stay" rather it asks "how was your trip".


This is rediculous. Nothing in that Review questionair remotely applies to the transaction. Consider that about half of these reservations are made by a company who is reserving housing for their employee who is on a contract job of some sort. The other half is by free lance Gig Ecomony workers who only need housing for a month or more, but not 6 months which is a minimum Lease in most markets.


 This is not to deny that a questionair should go out to the Renter/Guest asking the questions to gather the  important relevant information data which apply.  The  Renters Review should ask the following: Did the Host comply with all Federal Fair Housing Guidelines?  Did the Host comply with all State ordinances for Renters Rights.  Did the Host maintain the functions of the property, or if there was damage did the host make any repairs needed in a timely fashion. The kinds of fair housing questions which call out the appropriate criteria to evaluate a rental lodging experience to generate a rating of performance to the agreement.


   From the Host position the transaction has become  land lord and tenant and we may want to rate our"tenant" for future reference of other hosts who are, like me, increasingly called upon by the growing Gig Economy jobs sector to provide lodging for an odd length of time which does not work for the regular rental housing sector but can by accomodated by the Airbnb Host who is able and eager to fill this need.

  These  'fixes' are needed ASAP.  Just as Airbnb is immediately positioned to extract their Guest fees for their booking services, which are substantial for this category of reservation,  they need to in -fill the missing parts of their platform to comply with all laws and guidelines which apply to this category of service.


  Host Susan    Redmond, Oregon     October 20, 2018

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