[Festival] Community video 2022 - created by you!

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Community Manager
London, United Kingdom

[Festival] Community video 2022 - created by you!

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We’ve had an amazing few days celebrating hospitality here in the Community Center and can’t think of a better way to conclude the Festival of Hospitality 2022 but with a video created by our community! We want to thank all that were involved and their eagerness to share their tips and insights about hospitality. 


We’ve been looking forward to sharing this video of our fabulous Hosts from around the globe about why they love hosting - a big thanks to @Clara116 @Claudia331 @Ronaldo-And-Carla0 @Francisco-and-Yajaira-Ho0 @Pietro44 amongst others!



Thanks everyone,


Emilie, Quincy, Sybe, Jenny & Stephanie


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Level 10
Auckland, New Zealand

Thanks @Clara116 @Laurelle3 @Fred13 @Emilie 

I've yet to view and read all the contributions for the 2022 Festival of Hospitality however watching this video will inspire me to make time to do so!

All the best and a HUGE Thank you to all the Hosts who contributed to this joyful month.

Level 10
Huskisson, Australia

Thank you every hosts that has contributed for this video. I though I was travelling the world with you listening to your story in your language. 

Level 10
Placencia, Belize

How cool. 🙂

Level 10
Pensacola, FL


Terrific video!! Yippee

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