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I believe that the host should have the ability to configure combinations of maximum number of adults/children per reservation.

For example: I have a listing with a King bed and a Twin sofa bed, where a couple with 1 child would fit comfortably in the king bed and another adult would fit comfortably in the sofa bed. So the listing can allow 3 adults plus 1 child, but only 3 adults if there are no children, because 4 adults wouldn't fit comfortably.

Currently, airbnb doesn't let you discriminate between adults and children when choosing max number of guests.

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Re: Guest number adults/children configuration

Victoria, Australia
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@Iván140 you are always able to choose your maximum number of guests and if you supply accurate details and pics then the guests can also choose their modes of sleeping. i have had people message and ask if I can increase my numbers to six because they 'can see plenty of room' sometimes this is okay and I have an extra floor mattress which I keep under one of the queen beds sometimes used in summer for an extra child , which I make up on request .but to me there is no sleeping in the day rooms , if you fit in the bedrooms and people co sleep with their children or their grandmas or whomsoever then thats fine , but everyone should be counted .I also have a porta cot which I provide free of charge but each sleeper takes up space ,big or small. H

Re: Guest number adults/children configuration

Belfast, United Kingdom
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We would like this feature as well.


Our apartments can sleep 5, but we only want maximum of 4 adults.



We have no way of offering to 2 adults, 3 children. For example. does offer this flexibility.

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