Guests entered locked Building

Chico, TX
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We have been Hosting since July 2020. 
We have our Listing clearly detailed and outlined. It is for 1 Guesthouse and Property. 
We have had no prior incidence BUT Tonight we returned to find the Front Porch Light of our Private Building on. 
The Guests admitted that they went in. 
This is my Schoolhouse and contains 1000’s of $$$ worth of School Supplies!

Is this considered Breaking and Entering ? What is Air BnB policy ?

Do I get the Sheriff involved ?

I DO NOT feel Safe with these kinds of Guests.  

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Re: Guests entered locked Building

Berlin, Germany
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@Kimberly668  While your guests are unlikely to wind up in jail over their nosiness, it would be helpful to have a police report if you discover that your property was damaged or stolen.


Otherwise, all Airbnb can do for you now is help you terminate the remainder of the booking so that you can evict them due to safety concerns. A service call may not be necessary if your guests are willing to accept an alteration request to advance the checkout date; either way, expect to refund them for the unused nights. 

Re: Guests entered locked Building

Bristol, United Kingdom
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How were they able to get in @Kimberly668  Did they break in. 


Or did you leave it unlocked?

Sorry this happened @Kimberly668  but what I have learnt is that if you leave any doors unlocked some guests will be curious and want to open them.


If they broke in I would call Airbnb ask them to cancel the booking and evict the guests.


If you left it unlocked, then you need to tighten up your security, as you will be at risk from guests and others of accessing a building which as you say has lots of valuable property in it.

Re: Guests entered locked Building

Paris, France
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Hi @Kimberly668 

Sorry to hear about your experience.

You stated the guest enter lock building, by means the guest break in to the building.

It would help if you were necessarily to,

  1. Call the local sheriff
  2. Contact Airbnb Support via message look at the case, request the team canceled the reservation on the guest behalf, take a photos for the event 
  3. Call directly to the insurance company 
  4. Claim the loss in civil court  

As an Airbnb host, you do need additional insurance.

Hosting with any accurate frequency is likely to void your current homeowner's policy, and Airbnb's protection is inadequate.


On the Airbnb help page, links as below, 


Although the host guarantee it is not easy to get support from Airbnb. Some members, are verifying to get the protection program in these rare cases.


Host guarantee


Host Protection Insurance


What's the difference between Airbnb's Host Guarantee and Host Protection Insurance?


Re: Guests entered locked Building

Pensacola, FL
Level 10


Since u do NOT feel safe with them as your have plenty of grounds to change that in a minute.

If they broke into your locked's a crime..

And police report would be important to have.

If they were nosing around.....I'd still have them leave thru Airbnb. 

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