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Hello everyone, 


I'm in need of help with my hosting experience.


In the past I used many times Air BnB as a guest and now I've just started with hosting.


I don't have much experience and I've setted up the price but if I look at my listing the price is almost half of what I actually put down, now the problem is that someone already booked with that price that it's extremly cheep. Also, the booking it will be for 19 nights. How can I do to change the reservation and charge the guest the right price? 


Anyone can help us ? Any suggestion is kindly appreciate.


Thank you in advance.


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Lincoln, Canada
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@Valentina352Could it be due to your long stay discount? Not knowing how much you want to charge,  it's difficult to see what's going on. 


I do see that you've already cancelled a reservation. Cancelling a reservation is never a good idea: as you probably already know, it carries some penalties, including not being able to get Superhost for a year. 


Once the reservation has been accepted, you can't change the price to a higher amount. You need to get your listing set up properly before going live. If you're having issues, you may wish to block your calendar until you get it sorted out. 

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