Help Co-hosting in Melbourne Australia

Melbourne, Australia
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Hello airbnb community!


My name is Paul, i have quite a number of airbnb properties in Melbourne Australia that i would love some assistance from fellow community members. I currently have one co-host but would be very keen to see if anyone else out there is interested in taking on the role. It can be pretty full on as i now have 66 properties but i have great systems to manage. I just need some friendly people to assist in communicating with guests and assisting in the scheduling of cleans and maintenance. Feel free to reach out if interested.


Thanks 🙂



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Re: Help Co-hosting in Melbourne Australia

Queensland, Australia
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Hi Paul, I've just relocated from Noosa to Melbourne 4 weeks ago for a lifestyle change (clearly not for the weather) and am available to assist you. I have extensive experience in short-term/Airbnb/hotel operations including and various independent mid-size operators.. Love to chat

or 0410640165. I'm located in South Melbourne

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