Hello everyone


I have been a host in airbnb since 2015. For the last 3-4 weeks, suddently, email notifications have stopped coming in some cases although we still get all the app notifications in the phone.


Some emails are just not coming. Checked spam, checked filters, nothing. I did go to my account, notifications, unchecked emails, checked SMS, then proceeded to check emails back and unchecked sms, but nothing, still facing many emails not coming my way.


It's a strange behaviour.


Any advice, please?

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Re: Help with email notifications

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Seems like they are @Ulla213 , but others, like us, are still not. App sent NO otifications. Zero. Nada. On not a one from two phone numbers. We've been so, without any useful support for last half a year. We are exhausted from calling them and pointing it out. They are experts in serving you with all kind of nonsense options for possible solutions, that, of course, never work (restart your phone, reinstall the app, change your provider, etc....) 😞

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