Hosts in Warsaw, Poland

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Warsaw, Poland

Hosts in Warsaw, Poland

Hi, any hosts based in Warsaw, Poland interested in a meet-up event? I could organise something for hosts to get together to share experiences and talk about common problems we could resolve together. Let me know if you are interested!



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Warsaw, Poland

Hi < yeh its excellent idea, Please try to organize hosts meeting in Warsaw and lets share and learn from each other experience.

Please keep me informed. thanks

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Vienna, Austria



I am writing about the regulatory framework for Airbnb in Visegrad countries, and I can't seem to find any reliable sources for the Polish rules. Can anybody help me to a link? I would be very grateful, even if it is in Polish.


Thank you all and best of luck!


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Warsaw, Poland

Myślałem dokładnie o tym samym. 

W stolicy jest około 300 mieszkań, ergo 300 gospodarzy, z którymi za pewne warto byłoby się spotkać. 🙂


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