How early is too early?

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Elkton, MD

How early is too early?

Are you the type of person who gets up early every morning?  Do you try to stay quiet when a guest is there?  Especially those of you who share your space; how do you handle mornings?  Even those who have a separate entrance and space in your house - not all houses are totally sound proof.  What do you do?


At what time do you think it is ok to relax and not be so conscious of the level of noise you might be making?  Especially Saturday and Sunday mornings!

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Sayulita, Mexico

@Jessica-and-Henry0   Same here, I'm a night owl and seldom get up before about 9:30, sometimes much later. My guests are normally up and out for the day before I emerge from my room.

@Susan10  I think 9 AM is reasonable to go about your day normally, as long as you're not running chainsaws or other loud stuff. I have a big bag of earplugs and put fresh ones out for each guest, although I find many guests travel with them already. So you might consider providing that.

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Ohrid, Macedonia (FYROM)

@Susan10 we have quiet hours from 9PM till 9AM. We of course try not to be loud during the whole days but as @Branka-and-Silvia0 said, we really relax after noon. We have 4 apartments all with the same entrance but on different floors andas soon as I hear a noise longer than 5min during the quiet hours I immediately go and tell them they need to be quiet. It always works. 

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London, United Kingdom

Thanks! I have a guest who is on the phone from 5/6am every day. It is driving me mad and waking me up for two hours before he leaves around 7ish each day. 

Last night I sent a message requesting respect to quiet hours and still Today he even was in the hallway and bathroom next to my bedroom on the phone. I went out and asked him to be quiet with no reply from him. 

should I put this in the review? He has also bashed my wardobe, damaged a plug socket slightly and scuffed my wall with his suitcase. 

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London, United Kingdom



Yes, put it in the review. This guest is being disrespectful. He's been reminded of the quiet hours and is choosing to ignore them. You don't have to go into details.


List positives if there were any, then something like: "X would not respect quiet hours despite being reminded a few times. He was also careless, damaging a number of things. I therefore cannot recommend him to other hosts."

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Zagreb, Croatia


at noon :))))

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