How to block entrance dates without blocking the staying dates?

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How to block entrance dates without blocking the staying dates?

Hi, I have an issue that I cant figure out how to configure.


I want to have my calendar open for bookings but I do not want to have a check in during a specific period. How do I solve this?

Lets say I cant do check in between the 28th of April and 15th of May. My calendar must be open for bookings and check in before and after these dates.

I could be fine with a booking for lets say 12 nights. 


Cant figure out how to configure this




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Hi all, I'm really new to hosting. I'm getting very nervous. My place is 1800's (it was a shoe factory and photography studio back then) and the back of the building is unfinished, unplastered etc - for now. It's the kind of lovely wonky old space that is disappearing fast from our cities.   But since it is unfinished, it gets dusty. Do I need to cover it all with dust sheets (groan) How much time/money/effort do I really need to spend to make this area more palatable? 

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I understand Martin's question perfectly and am wondering the same. It's not a case of blocking the date/s off entirely. It's a question of not wanting a check-in on that day. If a guest's stay includes that day then fine, but there are certain days I can't facilitate a check-in. It's really not clear how to do this in the calendar. Can anybody help?

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I believe I accomplished this previously by using the "Minimum Stay" requirement for specific dates.  So, for the dates you DO NOT want a check-in, require a minimum spanning the dates you mentioned.  This worked well for me in the past.  You can also seriously mark up those days (like double your usual rate).  I've tried both techniques with success. 

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Before I looked at your profile, @Per3, I thought you were a new host with a basic question.  Then I saw that you are a Super Host and have 4 listings which makes me think I don't understand your issue.  I thought you were looking at how to manage your calendar availability which is too basic.  Are you looking for a day before and after a booking to be blocked for the space to be cleaned and set up?

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