I leave cookies or some other sweets for my guests with a welcome note. Someone checked in on the second of this month. The only communication from the person: the cookies you left is best before may 2021. And a picture. Not even- thanks for the cookies but FYI. Two days past "best by". My husband said I should have told them they were second best. It is not like they are expired or have gone bad (they did not open the jar) and it is not like it is my fault. Who even looks for an expiration date on free cookies? I can see if they opened them and something was wrong! This may look like a long rant about cookies but I think they have become a symbol of everything guests these day are and are not.

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Re: I can not keep up with expectations

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it's a global thing.

they have all gone bonkers.

chin up.

they are all expecting 5 star hotel service for hostel money.

Their problem, not ours.

Re: I can not keep up with expectations

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Well...I can just say, that this situation can be a problem. If I leave expired food for my guests and they notice that, I can lose my license and category. So, I'm always very careful with that. Nobody cares is it free or not. It's a violation of the food safety regulations.

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