I can't see all the views on Stats on Dashboard. Is there a problem??

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Re: I can't see all the views on Stats on Dashboard. Is there a problem??

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Yes, there is!

Losing this view option for Stats is a big deal, and if other hosts are as upset as me, please send Airbnb your feedback and ask for it back. Use this link:



Here's what I have sent Airbnb via Feedback:



It has been really frustrating that Airbnb has taken away the ability for hosts to see how many times their listing is viewed compared to others in our area (that we know are truly comparable). This essential feature was vital for many reasons!

*This gave us, as hosts, the ability to see exactly what the area's demand is for any given day/weekend, but even more importantly...
*It told hosts how they measure up compared to others.
*This view let us see exactly how many times we were viewed compared to how many potential guests were viewing other listings in the area, so how much of the market are we capturing?
*If we aren't capturing many views, what do we need to change? Title, price, policies...???
*This information enabled us to strategize our pricing and terms to try to increase views, which leads to bookings.
* This feature helped us to schedule our own travel around the lowest demand times so that we don't miss out on the best opportunities for bookings.
*For a newbie like me, I could look back through the previous year and see which dates during holiday periods had the most travelers - is it Christmas week, or really the week before? Now, I don't know since Airbnb deleted this feature. Dang, I didn't make notes because I had no warning that it was going away...can't tell you how disappointed, frustrated, irritated... I am!

***What I know - my total number of requests and bookings significantly dropped when comparing only 3 weeks during April that we were live to 4 whole weeks of May, and this is timed with the approach of my area's peak season, so doesn't make sense. Yikes, what happened?
*Losing this feature is a HUGE loss!
*PLEASE, bring it back!
P.S. I've called several times, and can't get any answer as to was the loss of this feature planned or accidental and something that is being worked on fixing...no one at Customer service seems to have a clue. Again, more frustration.

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